I have the best friend in the world!

My dh just deployed a week ago for 60 days. A friend of mine that I know through a stay at home mom board shares my interest in knitting. Although she’s done it much longer than I have, she’s no where nearly as addicted. :rofling: Anyway, she sent me a note a while ago to watch my mail because she sent me something to keep my mind off of dh being gone.

I just went and got the mail & she sent me Stitch & Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook.

She is so wonderful!!! I can’t wait to start knitting some of these patterns. :heart:

Oh, that’s so sweet! My fiancé was deployed to Iraq for the first year and a half we were dating. I wish I’d known how to knit then! Enjoy your book and best wishes for his safe return!

That is so sweet! What kind and wonderful friend you have!

Friends are indeed a gift from God :smiley: That is so thoughtful :wink:

Hi knitaddict! :slight_smile: My husband was stationed in Saudi Arabia several years ago. OH how I wish I had known how to knit back then. I was in Germany and spent a year with him gone thinking I had nothing to do but take care of my then six month old baby! What a sweet friend you have to have thought of you when you are going to missing your husband so. :heart:

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do!

What a great idea. :smiley:

:pray: for your husband.

How sweet of her to do that! :cheering: You will love that book!

what a cool and kind friend! That book is great!

That is such a thoughtful thing for your friend to do! :smiley:

S&B was the first knitting book I bought when I learned to knit (here). Though I’ve only knit one of the patterns so far, the “how to” sections helped me alot as I was first learning. I still refer to it often, and one of these days will get around to knitting some of the patterns.

I love your scripture picture! :thumbsup:

That is such a sweet gift! What will be your first project?

I’m thinking of making the little black top. I’m also toying with the idea of the pet bed. My cat has a basket with a fleece blanket in it, but since I’ve started knitting she prefers to sleep on my stash. :rollseyes: I’m wondering if I make her a bed out of yarn if she’ll sleep on that instead. :wink:

oh yeah! My kitties love wool. There is a free “kitty pi” pattern here too if you like it better.

Ohhhh! I like that one, too!! :cheering: That’s the only problem I have with KH - I want to knit every pattern I see on here. :roflhard: TY for the link.

:roflhard: me too! I’ve gotten so many ideas for projects here I couldn’t possibly knit them all in one lifetime.