I have been trying to figure this out for two days now.. HELP!

I have been knitting for a while now, but am just now coming up with this problem. I go ahead and cast on, and start knitting my first row, but when i do that the slack between the two needles gets so long, that by the end of the row I have this HUGE loop as my side. I need someone to tell me what i am doing wrong. I keep starting over, and keep getting the same problem. Right now I’m just trying to knit squares to make my niece a quilt.

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Sounds like you may be using a backward loop caston - it does that which is why I don’t suggest it for casting on any more than a few stitches. Look at the Cast On videos for the knit and cable castons or the longtail. They’ll give you a firmer edge than the loop method.

Thank you so much. I can finally get back to making my quilt. The only thing left to learn to making the wuilt now is, how to sew all my squares together. My mother knows how to crochet and is making some squares that way, while I am knitting some squares and we plan to put ours together, but I have no idea how to sew them together. Tips would be great!

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A lot of people around here just make the squares in strips - you just change colors where you would normally bind off. Then you avoid all kinds of seaming

You can also crochet them together and make that a part of the design feature.

quite right!
:knitting: have fun knitting!