I have an FO!

I finally finished a purse this past week. I would have posted a few days ago, but we went camping the morning I finished it.

Anyways, I originally wanted to do the Chinese Charm Bag from Stitch n Bitch. Well, finding a similar yarn was just about impossible. I should mention, I’m on a budget too. Also, I couldn’t even find the right sized needles. I googled the bag to see different variations of it. So, I just used some Caron yarn and cast on 108 stitches on a circular needle. I kept going and going and then closed the bottom of the bag. I sewed two pieces of fabric together then turned them inside out and sewed it in for the lining. (Boy, I really need to work on some seweing skills!) Then I just looped the yarn through the handles and then attatched a little butterfly charm to the bag. Here’s some pics:

It’s great! Nice job. I love the lining, and the added detail of the charm. :thumbsup:

I am so going to steal that idea to make a bag for my sister! She wanted me to crochet a hobo bag for her, but it loooked really lopsided when I went to do the handles, so it got put away. (I don’t need the criticism) But that would wow her. Thanks for the idea. Don’t knock your sewing skills, that looks fabulous!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Love the bag!!!
Kudos to u!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This bag is for my mom…for her birthday this Sunday. She called yesterday to tell me she got the box in the mail but won’t open it until Sunday.

You could also put a big flower or pin on the bag too. I think that would look neat. I need to make one for myself next! I think a white or beige bag with a nice summery pattern fabric on the inside would look nice. BTW, I got the fabric at wal-mart… $3 for one yard :smiley:


Nice job!

And how cute is your mom to not open it right away!!! I know I for one will never have that kind of patience! :slight_smile:

i was wondering if you hand sewed the lining or machine sewed it, and if you machine sewed it what needles you used? I need to sew lining to a backpack which I’ve been putting off, thanks :smiley: :oops:

I hand sewed the lining since I don’t own a machine, nor know anyone who has one.

The only thing I’d like to figure out for next time is how to get the lining in a little more neater at the top. I sewed the lining in before I did the purse handles. But I might be better off doing the handles first and then the lining. After I put the handles on, the bag didn’t stretch open very big so I’m not sure if thats why or not. But it’s still super cute and a deep bag for all my moms crap…lol. And I used super cheap yarn (my mom is the kind of person who would appreciate such thriftiness) so this purse was very low cost to make.

yay yay yay!!! it looks great!!!

Thanks everyone!

My mom finally opened the package yesterday and LOVED the purse. I told her she actually had to use it though and not just let it sit so she can look at it. (She won’t use a dishcloth I made her…LOL). She was very excited and anxious to show co-workers. I think my sister wants one now too…lol.

Arent moms GREAT? I told my DH that if I tied a piece of yarn in a KNOT and gave it to my mom, she would treasure it forever! :inlove:

LOL! Mom’s are totally awesome.

She was so excited when I sent her that dishcloth. She kept telling me she thought about framing it…ROFL.


Great job!

I love it. (Especially the fabric inside) I’ve wanted to make one of these ever since I got the book last year because when my grandma was flipping through the book, she paused on it and mentioned how pretty it was. But I was put off by the fact the yarn seems to be discontinued (?). Well, now you have me rethinking this and I’ve got to google to see other bags… good job!