I have a question about double knit

I have a pattern for some beautiful slippers that call for double knitting. Now do I HAVE to use dn yarn weight or can I use a heavier weight yarn and NOT double knit? :shrug: Thank you for any help! :hug:

Are you talking about double-knitting as a method to create two layers of fabric? In that case, you can use any yarn you want! For some reason (and I understand this is common), your tension can come out a bit looser when double-knitting so you may find that you need slightly smaller needles than you usually would when doing regular knitting.

If you’re talking about double knitting yarn – as in, a yarn of a certain weight somewhere between fingering and worsted (“DK weight”)-- sure you can use a heavier yarn, but you’ll have to adjust your pattern to accommodate the different gauge.

Gee, you have asked me a good question. Here is what the directions say for the slippers…

Materials: For women’s size: Double knitting (DK) pure new wool, 1 3/4 oz balls.

Just by reading that I still can’t tell if its the yarn or the method. What do you think? The slippers do not look thick. Looks more like a worsted weight yarn to me…but I really can’t tell.

The book is Knit handmade style by Janine Flew. There are beautiful blue and white slippers in this book and thats the reason why I recently purchased tthe book.

If you see the link below and click on the picture of the book they even show the pretty slippers there in blue and white.

Thanks again for any clarification you can give me.

It’s DK wool not double knitting.

Thanks so much!! I’m still learning. :hug:

Yup. Unless you have your mind set on a different yarn, look for a DK weight yarn. It’ll be a little lighter than worsted.

I have no answer to your question but I love many items in the book! I just ordered it. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: