I have a queation?

I have a neighbor who is donating over 20,000$$ worth of fabric and patterns and i told her i wanted to open a site of my own she said she would give to me to sale and i could keep the profits , because my husband and i need financial help right now. I had to go home and cry!! How much is it to start my own site up??? How do you do pay pal??? How would i determan the shipping??? Please if anyone can help me please e-mail me!!! I think i have my e-mail in my profile lol if not let me know on here and i can post it in my profile thank you.

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Tinkercat, you’re talking about selling fabric online? I’d go through eBay! It’s not enough to have a website and selling abilities; you want to make sure you have the exposure so people can see it and buy it! eBay is a great way to go!

You just need digital pictures to upload. One good picture per auction is good, since I think they charge you per picture (you can add more pictures for free, but you need web skills to do so; one picture’s enough).

Congrats on your opportunity, I hope you make some good money!

I agree… sell on Ebay!! They have walkthroughs to show you how to set up your listings and everything. Oh… and get a PayPal account (paypal.com) and you can receive payments through there.

Congratulations! I hope you sell a bundle! :thumbsup:

To set up EBay anyone know how much it would $$$??? and how would i fgure the shipping $$???

Vanessa :oops:

eBay charges a small listing fee to put your item up, then takes a small percentage of the sale price. If it doesn’t sell, then you’re out the listing fee. You can set your own shipping rate. Make sure you charge at least what it will cost to ship within the US; and even round up a bit, that may be where you make your money in come cases. Well, check out what others are doing. The fabric on ebay (here’s a search) appears to be a very saturated market, and lots of stuff doesn’t sell. Take a look at what folks are bidding on, and for how much, and see if it’s worth it for you.

I am going to talk to my mom about finding out if she can have a yard sale. I think I will try to sale the fabric first and what is left then see what she wants to do. I have stuff to sale as well like Marry Moo’s lol and other stuff. So yard sale if i can have one and go from there.

thank you :smiley:

Maybe give craigslist a try as well. I believe posting messages are still free (I used it more than a year ago). I’ve seen people promoting their eBay shops there. If your city is listed in the craigslist city list, you could also post on the for sale section. This section has a “garage sale” category as well. So if you decide to hold yard sale, posting a message there may increase traffic to your yard sale. Here is the link.

OHHH thank you thank you thank you lol I am trying so had to just make some extra cash lol. With me not working and my husband trying to keep us afloat it has been hard . We have sank almost to bottom lol. THANK YOU!!!

Vanessa :happydance: