I have 200 grams of Kai. 3 light.


The pattern that I was going to use I’m finding hard on my hand…
Purl 2 tog, without removing stitch knit 2 tog.
Is there a different stitch I could substitute with.


What is the name of the pattern? It may help to see a photo of the stitch.
I wonder if you could substitute a 2 stitch cable or a twisted stitch. It may not look like the pattern but it might work. Here it’s done as part of a larger cable but you could work it more frequently.


Can I do this everytime they want me to do the p2 tog keep on needle knit 2tog. Then take off needle. Thank you


Yes, It should give you a little cable twist every other row. Try it out on a small swatch to see if you like the look of it just to be sure.


I’m going to start shortly.