I hate windows!

I don’t see how (or why) so many people use PCs.

Macs just work so much better. Let me rephrase that. Macs work.

I have an iMac but it’s upstairs in my office. Sometimes in the morning I sit on the couch with my coffee and borrow my dh’s Sony Vaio (which I also hate because of the pesky touch pad that is always changing pages on me midpost.:gah:)

Just so you know, dh would love to switch his whole business to Macs because of all the computer issues he has with PCs – it’s just those pesky clients insist on using Windoze. He has computer issues on a daily basis which is sad because his business is computer based.

How do you guys do it? Every 5 seconds, something else goes wrong and I have to start up again. If it’s not that, it’s viruses or all the other stuff that magically ends up in the system.

You’d think that by now, someone would have figured out how to protect the OS from being so invaded.

Aargh – I HATE PCs! And Bill Gates should hang his way too wealthy head in shame for such a shoddy imitation of the Mac OS.


Ok, rant over.

Just so you know, these days I’m on crutches, so getting up and down stairs is not my fave thing to do. Once I’m down with my coffee I kinda like to stay here as long as I can get away with. Just so you all don’t think I’m too lazy to make it back upstairs to my Mac.

So sorry!!!

I’ve learned that the problems I encounter with the OS are just a part of life, much like everything else. I deal with them and move on.

Hope you are off of your crutches real soon so you can make your way back upstairs to your beloved. :wink:

You just need to find some computer geek to help you out:happydance: I have Kaspersky anti-virus and firewall and it’s great (tfu tfu)! Also, you need to tune Windows a bit and change some original settings to make it work ok. My home computer is running 24/7 with almost no problems (again tfu tfuCrossed Fingers).

Thanks for that, Nat. Surprisingly, I’m surrounded by computer geeks. The computers we have get such workouts that most of the time we have computer geeks working full time just to keep them running. I guess that’s the problem – the ones that are left at home are the ones that are too messed up to take out on the job. :shrug:


People set it up that way, it’s not the nature of the beast. The touchpad sensitivity and controls can be changed.

How do you guys do it? Every 5 seconds, something else goes wrong and I have to start up again. If it’s not that, it’s viruses or all the other stuff that magically ends up in the system.

This is so not true of most PCs. I’ve had PC’s for over 15 yrs and rarely have a problem. My family all have PCs with no problems.

I’m going to quit while I’m ahead here. Careful not to turn this into a mac vs pc war. :wink:

I’ve had very little problems with the PCs I’ve used either. When there’s a real problem it’s because it was an old machine and a part of the hardware was going out.

Yeah I’ve never had problems with my PCs. Things only go wrong when I [B]know[/B] I’ve done something specifically stupid…and also knew the risk. :shrug:

I personally don’t care for Macs. Part of that is probably because I have to use old Macs with OS 9.1 or earlier at work and they frustrate me to know end. But I’ve also used newer ones with OSX and it’s just not for me. I don’t like how Mac doesn’t trust their users and makes all the decisions for them. And on older machines you couldn’t do any upgrades or changes yourself (though I’ve heard this is no longer true). I also hate having to actually quit a program instead of just X-ing out of it. Heh, I’m lazy.

Oh yeah, and I hate Mac-compatibility issues with some of the random programs I use.

I dunno…to each their own. Everybody’s gonna have a different preference. I’ve never really understood the fervent Mac-PC war on either end.

My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was [I]How can someone not like windows? I love looking out windows, or being able to open them and let the breeze in…[/I] :rofl:

I don’t have too many problems with my computers (both run on Windows) but I am the only one who uses them, so nobody is ever messing with my settings.

You can turn the touch pad off, and it’s not always a big process, so you could do it each time you use your son’s computer, and just use a USB mouse instead. :shrug:

:rofl: Me too, Dilly!

I turn off our touchpad. I hate it. :roll:

I am glad to hear you praise macs so- I am finally getting my first mac for school next week (a macbook so I no longer have to wait for a computer to be free at the school. We have a PC at home, but it is 5 years old and we have already decided to go with a mac when we get a new one for home.

All this said, as someone who does digital scrapbooking and often has the entire photoshop suite open at one time, macs just work better for that, so it will help a LOT.

I have never had any major issues with my PC other than that, but since both my fiance and I keep the PS suite open all the time- that really slows down the PC.

Macs are definitely better for graphics, PCs for other types of applications, so it really depends on what you use a computer for most.

I run Windows because it’s easier for my husband to navigate. Used a Mac a few times and like them but if I had the choice I’d be running a Linux box myself.

Its refreshing to see that I’m not the only loyal Mac-ist left!! It so user friendly and easy to use. I think the thing that turned me off to PCs so much is the fact that if something goes wrong, you get an error message that you cant understand unless you have a background in computers. I’ve gotten so many calls from grandparents and my mom in law about computer problems; MIL couldnt get outlook to work, I have computer networking education in my background, and I couldnt fix it either, and it gave us some gibberish error message. She was ready to throw out the computer, but I told her it was just the windows program that sucked, and I set her up with a gmail act, and shes happy as a clam now.
My ibook has microsoft office anyway…and thats the only thing about a windows that I would miss. Besides, you can get windows for mac.
does the fact that I’m not compatible with all software and downloads bother me? Never. If they’re too ignorant to see that mac users could be a market for them, then they dont deserve to have their program on my beautiful Lappy. (thats what I call my laptop- ahh Strong Bad.)

Dont get me wrong, I use a pc all day at work; its great for the business part, but I dont think I’ll ever have one as my personal computer ever.


Another ‘too each their own’ here. The few times I’ve had/tried to use my brothers Mac I just about started smashing my head into his desk it was so annoying in [I]every[/I] possibly ways. And when he tries to use my computer he just gets angry that I’ve fiddled with all the settings and nothing is right there on the desktop (because gasp I’m using shortcut keys to open programs instead of icons).

Like someone else said…it all depends on what you want from a computer. Said mac-fanboy brother swore up and down that I should get one, and they’re so much better blah blah blah, so I let him figure out how much it would cost to get a new Mac that was at LEAST as good as my several-year-old PC that [I]he built for himself[/I] originally… He stopped trying to coerce me into getting a Mac after that.

And laptops? Yeah, they suck [I]no matter what[/I] OS they’re using. They only way they don’t suck is if you plug external mouse, keyboard, and monitor too if you’ve got a spare one, in. I am entirely positive that your hate for the laptop will diminish, even if just a little bit.

One thing I never understood is the whole ‘oh something went wrong, better reboot’ thing… I know so many people that can’t load a[I] webpage[/I], so what do they do? Reboot. Program doesn’t open straight away? Reboot in the middle of it loading. Computer making a ‘weird noise’ (aka, [I]the fan going[/I])? Reboot! Then they are always completely amazed when I tell them to clear their cookies, and like MAGIC that website loads, after four reboots not working! (yes, this has actually happened).

I believe strongly that it just depends on what you’re used to. :shrug: I’m an IT person, and I support a PC network and we rarely have significant problems. And while I can’t speak for the rest of my users, I rarely even experience little glitches. And I’m running big graphics apps concurrently all the time, like InDesign/Photoshop/GoLive. :shrug:

I do have that techie-good-computer-aura going for me though :teehee:

That said, macs completely confound me. I know they’re supposed to be “easier to use” but any time I have to touch one it takes me soooo long to figure out how to do the simplest stuff. Again, I think it’s what you’re used to. I’d love to have a mac and get to know it, but honestly, they cost so freakin’ much I can’t imagine making the leap unless someone else was paying for it. :wink:

Now, now. Let’s not condemn PC’s because of Windows. :fingerwag: There are other OS options out there, including (but by no means limited to) Linux. :happydance:

I’m not a die-hard PC or Mac user. On my own machine, I have a dual boot with Linux and Windoze, but my machine is in a storage unit in Florida, so I’m stuck with Windows on this computer (which is not mine) and it’s pretty crappy. My girlfriend has a Mac, and while it’s in pretty desperate need of memory, it’s definitely a better system. I usurp it when she’s not around. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use both (Mac OSX laptop for work, a couple of PCs with WinXP and Vista at home). I’m pretty happy with both. The only issue I have with the PCs is that I have to run a spyware check every week thanks to my 12-year-old daughter and her love of online games - she also managed to nearly kill her grandfather’s PC recently. She hasn’t been able to do any damage on the Mac, however; I even let my 4- and 5-year-old nieces play on the Mac (usually just on nickjr.com or pbskids.com) without worries.


The only reason I’ve ever had a problem with my PC is beacuse when I went to college I decided to load it up with junk (like limewire) that just killed it. I wasn’t careful with the things I was putting on my computer so it was my fault that the hard drive had to eventually be wiped out and everything had to be put back on. I haven’t really had problems since, especially with my work computer that I can’t put any new software on without premission.

I haven’t used Macs a ton, but I have liked them when I did. My college had them for video editing, and my gym has them for members to use. I like them, but I don’t think that I have a strong preference either way.

heh, it’s ironic that you mention that windows is a shoddy copy of mac’s os, which in its own turn “borrowed” the idea from Xerox. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that windows is the right way to do things. The way I see it, is you want to do graphics, use either a SPARC or a mac, you want games, Windows is your best shot. For everything else out there, you’ve got Linux.

The downside to having windows is exacly what was mentioned, it’s pretty much on every desktop out there. Though, don’t mistake this, people write viruses for windows because it will affect a large percentage of the computers that have windows, on the other hand, viruses can be written for macs and for linux as well. Only reason it hasn’t happened is primarily because those two OS’s are not as popular as Gates’ money maker.