I had to share (for a good laugh)

This was sent to me on the Stitch n Bitch listserve and I was reminded of my Mom’s old patterns that she tried to pawn off on me. Just say no!


I’m sure we can all send suggestions!


I just hope that none of those designers are members of KH!

Ooops. I never even thought of that! I’m a bonehead! My apologies to anyone and everyone that might be offended!


I came across this site with similar things–but worse! The Museum of Kitschy Stitches is so funny!


LOL… :roflhard:

That hairy bag is HILARIOUS!!


Now now … no need to apologize really. We are all entitled to our individual tastes, ya know. :wink: It just so happens that … um … well … many people seem to agree with the site. :rofling:

:roflhard: I WAS KIDDING!!! :roflhard:

:hiding: giggle Well ya know … you ne’lected to incorporate necessary, new age puncutuation … ya know … [color=red]S[/color][color=blue]M[/color][color=orange]IL[/color][color=indigo]IE[/color][color=violet]S[/color]!!! :rofling: chuckle chuckle

ekgheiy will now commense with shutting-up’edness :doh:

Good because I almost had a heart attack! :lol:

moderators help me learn how to quote and delete stuff!!
I am so not tech savy

Oh my! Volume II has to be my favorite so far! Those hotpants are the best!

[size=2][color=blue]The Mod Squad was here[/color][/size] :thumbsup:

I posted this in its own thread a while back, but since most of you haven’t seen it: check out these lovely ski masks.

OMG, you guys have me snorting! Those sites are too funny!

The hairy armpit bag was hilarious.
And that little girl ski mask…Oooh, I’ll be having nightmares about that one.

But, my fav is the beer-can cozie. My FIL is a HUGE Budweiser fan (bleh!) Hmmm, do I smell a father’s day gift in the making? :thinking:


Those ski masks are terrifying. I think I will have nightmares!

Well, I designed that “pea soup fat sweater” suzie, and I am highly offended that you don’t like it :— :smiley:

the beer accessories are a riot! and i LOVE the part about how her son “collected” the cans on their weekend trips! :roflhard:

WTF? My heart seriously skipped a beat w/ FEAR!!! Those masks are positively petrifying. I don’t like them AT ALL!! You know … they totally remind me of … of … of … … … … c.l.o.w.n.s … :oo: :help: I hope I don’t have nightmares. :verysad:

They ARE very creepy… :shock:

Oh come on, you KNOW you wanna wear one! :eyebrow:

Well, yeah…but, dont tell EKG!!!