I had a great weekend!

Hi everyone,

What a weekend I had, :happydance: I discovered a very nice LYS right in the heart of downtown South Bend. My fiance and i were invited to a gathering if knitters that took place in a small shop called Sit-n-Knit. It has been open for a little under a year and this group has about 30 ppl in it. (It’s even rumored that there is another guy too!). I sat in for their monthly meeting as was floored :shock: by all the different projects right in front of me, not to mention all the yarn :cheering: I added about 20 rows to my shawl :x: and had a really good latte.


I went to church and my minister asked us to start a knitting circle at church! :happydance: now I’m a little nervous :shock: because my own skill level is not terribly high but what i lack in experience i make up for in enthusiasm :lol:
I am truly excited about what lies ahead for me in this crazy world that I am loving more and more. (knitting, I mean).

Anyway, a couple good suggestions on organizing and keeping a gathering going would be appreciated. We are going to concentrate on prayer shawls to give to cancer patients, new mothers, people who are grieving, etc… including one that we will pass around and have everyone work on a little. having never run a gathering like this…What can i do to help make the experience positive for everyone who attends??? :help:


Are you going to be teaching knitting or facilitating a group that already knows how to knit? I teach a kids group at my church/school and have written a Bible study that goes along with knitting. If you are going to open your circle with some kind of devotion I would be glad to share.

Example :

For the knit stitch … be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. Colossians 2:2 NLT

or for frogging … F.R.O.G (fully rely on God)

SNACKS, first of all… :roflhard:

See if you can find LYS’s or craft stores that will donate small items or gift certificates for a monthly drawing?

Maybe you could let members suggest their favorite organizations in turn to receive the shawls or other items? Would help connect everyone to the mission of the group & keep everyone “juiced” about the folks you will be helping…each member would have an opportunity to present information on their organization.

Snacks are VERY serious! Sort of. Makes people feel cozy and full and alla that. ANYWAY, You said you live near Bend. Is that in Oregon? If you can make a trip to Portland, lots of LYS around here are really cool about donating yarn. Check it out.

Bend=South Bend, Indiana, Femi. I don’t think he can make it to Portland for a quick yarn fix. :wink:

I am going to faciltate mostly, I was approached basically just to open the space for ppl who want to share. If someone comes in who doesn’t know, then I will help thwm to the best of my ability and, of course, send them here. Thanks for the verse.

DUH!!! :doh: lol,Now I know we’re gonna have to knit together someday!
not much will get done but we’ll be laughin the whole time!

Thanks for your responses. I will keep these things in mind and update after this weekend.

Hugs, Loof


Oh, I wish we had a knitting circle at my church!!