I gotta felting question

while i am sitting here trying to figure out how to do this darn (yeah that’s the watered down version of what is going through my head! :D) three needle bind off i am hoping you can answer a question before i start the next step on my purse.

I am thinking that i want to add a little pocket to the front of my purse. my question is do i want to attach it before or after it is felted? It is just going to be a square patch pocket added to the front.

I’m certainly no expert, but I would knit and felt the pocket separately and then sew it on. I wouldn’t want to risk puckering.

Yep, felt first, then attatch it. It could (and probably would) felt together and you’ll have no pocket! :wink:

well i felted my pockets and bag then sewed them together… BUT i just got this book from the libray’ “knitting For Baby” and it had a diaper bag that looks like the one i put in FP thread ( :wall: mad i didn’t find this pattern back when i made it) but n~e~way… it says to knit it all up, sew it all together then felt it… so i guess you can just go with either one.

No first hand information, but I read on another board, that it’s no problem to first sew and then felt.
Well, it makes sense if you think about it, cause the two sides of your bag also don’t felt “together”, right?

good point!! :thumbsup:

As long as you are knitting the pocket at the same gauge, it shouldnt pucker. In any case, any slight puckering that MIGHT occur can be fixed with blocking. AND, If sides of bags and FT clogs dont felt together, neither will your pocket. Its an unexplainable phenomenon, but they just dont.

I would felt first, then attach pockets, handles, purse “flaps”… nothing is worse than spending time knitting, then after felting realizing that you pocket is felted shut, or the flap is off center, or the handles aren’t in the right spot. When you sew on afterwards, you can’t even see the seam, even when the thread doesn’t match perfectly.

well Kelly’s post about the gauge made me decide to felt separately…same yarn and needles and all that but one strand instead of two…sooo i will sew it on latah if it comes out okay or have a new coaster if it doesn’t! :wink:

thanks for the input ladies!! i did the sophie bag except i changed up the straps a bit cuz i can NOT make the i-cord work right…will have to go to LYS sometime and make them tell me what i am doing wrong cuz i can NOT figger it out.

off to check the machine…