I gotsa baby sock question

Okay i am thinking on starting this pattern but i am curious about something. it says that adjustments for larger sizes are noted in parenthesis throughout the pattern. this i understand.

BUT there are three sizes, preemie, newborn, toddler but only one set of numbers in parenthesis.

so if i want to do the newborn socks can you figure out which numbers would be right? i was just going to go with the first number initially until i realized that there were actually three sizes noted at the beginning of the pattern. :-??

The weight of the yarn is used to determine the size. So for a newborn, you would use DK weight yarn and the smaller size instructions.

thank ya!

No, thank you!

I’ve been looking for a nice baby sock pattern, and this one looks great!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Okay, this is how it looks to me. The pattern can be made in three weights, the two lighter weight yarns can be made in two sizes:

  • baby yarn: medium or large preemie
  • DK: newborn or 3 months
  • worsted: toddler

So the instructions given mean the smaller size (the bigger size) in that particular weight yarn.

Make sense? I’m guessing the toddler size would just be the first set of figures (unless the toddler has really big feet :lol: )

That’s how I read it anyway!

well i think i may just do what i always do and just pick one and go with it…if it is too big/small i will just give it to someone it fits…lol

seriously though…i was going to make booties but i find booties to be a bit tedious in that they never stay on baby’s feet no matter how cute they and how much super glue you use…

and really…is there ANYTHING cuter than a baby sock?

well besides baby toes?

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

I like baby butts too :teehee:

Naked toes are safer than naked butts, though.

Have you tried the North Country Cotton Baby Socks pattern? They are very simple and quick! :eyebrow: :happydance:

yeah the more i read the original pattern i posted the more i came to dislike it. i have done enough heel flaps (i always get lost at the gusset!..lol) to know i didn’t like the way it wanted me to do them and it wouldn’t tell me how long to make the leg and not having a baby around to measure that is kinda tough…so i went back to the basic North Country pattern but kept the needles and yarn that i am current using…

I bookmarked the NCC Baby Socks. I like the other pattern, too, because it gives you a toe-up option. I’ll try both and see! Thanks!


it’s the north country pattern though i don’t think it is TOOOO much different than the other pattern really. this is technically the second one but the first one just went bad so i just cut it off and started over…lol

i suppose i do still have to make one more though! :wink: