I got the Great American Aran Afghan book

…and I can’t wait to start it!!It will probably be a long time before I finish though.

That sounds like fun! Is it that book from way back? :think:seems like I saw this book at the library once, and it looked hard-I was a very new knitter at the time! But the afghan was pretty!

I think this one is pretty new.

oooh, I just looked it up on Amazon-wow, that is bee-YOO-tiful!!!


You’re right, that is not the book I was thinking of (this one looks much better). It would take forever for me but what a labor of love! Good luck with it!!

I started on this project about six months back. I’m currently working on square #10 of the 24 squares in the book, so I’m only about halfway finished.

But I LOVE this project!!! Each square is totally and completely unique. And I am learning so much about cabling, construction, etc. Some of the squares are very unique in how they’re put together, not simply start on one end and knit to the other end.

And, because of the individual squares approach, each is must a mini-project. I can work on one, finish it, then do some other stuff before I start a different square. So the project doesn’t seem overwhelming. It’ll get done whenever I finish all the squares.

That being said, I am NOT looking forward to seaming all of them together. Yeesh!!


That is so pretty! :heart: If it were me, I’d start seaming right away once I got a couple squares finished. That way it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. Because if I waited to the end to do all the seaming, it would never get finished!

I’m so jealous! [Mouth open, drooling]

Silver made this. Check out her website!

I just picked up a similar book at Michaels, it’s called Sampler Afghans. It has 60 different pattern stitches to combine to make your afghan.
I got thinking I might even use some of the pattern stitches for making sweaters etc. as well as an afghan.

As far as joining the squares, in this book as well as other afghans I have done that are worked in pieces, you would single crochet the pieces together. That goes a lot faster for me than trying to sew them together.

That is one of my most favorite projects ever. I hope you enjoy it like I did!! Best of luck! If you get stuck or anything, don’t hesitate to ask me… I’ll help if I can. :slight_smile:

Thanks Silver I can’t wait to get started this is just the project I need to get me through the long winter.