I got some yarn WOOT!

here is my new yarn that i got on ebay.
here is also that sweater that made…well my mom told be to block it… so this being my first time blocking…i got dirty wter on it…well i was going to do some needle felting on but my MOM told me not to… but i did it anyway to cover the dirty spots! :oops:

I love the Noro you got for the booga bag. Be sure to post a pic when it’s done!

BTW, you don’t live far from me. Where do you buy your yarn?

most i get online… i got 3 kids with me during the day and 4 after school… so i try not to go places i want to sit and look till the weekend when i can leave them with DH. there is a LYS that i really like in St. Charles called Artful Needles. Then the rest are in STL. where are you?

sigh that makes me miss living in the St. Louis area. i love my yarn shop but i also loved St. Charles and St. Peters a lot…did all my best shopping there ya know! :wink:

i will never miss it as much as i miss CT though… :rollseyes:

I am in STL. The place I went last night was off Hampton. It’s called Knitorious and I don’t think it’s been there very long. Very nice though.

I like to be able to touch things before I buy them, but I am not above going to the store to feel things and then ordering them online to get a better price!

Carmell…BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job on the needle felting!! And, NICE NORO!! :eyebrow:

oh my gosh, I’m drooling!

Carmell!!! That sweater is GAWGEOUS, girl!!! And…WOW…nice yarn score :drooling:

Who cares what mum says, that sweater looks fabulous! :cheering:

Probably a stupid question, but… What is needle felting? :??

basically it is dry felting, with a special needle. there is a DIY show that shows how it is done…can’t remember which one it was though…

Oh! Thanks Brendajos! :smiley:

I’ll have to try and look that show up; there’s always something new to learn!

Hey–that’s the cutest sweater, Carmell!! I think the needle felting is what makes it!! Good for you. Not that our moms don’t give good advice, but we grown-up girls have to take our chances, don’t we!! :lol:

ha ha! you’re right Ellen… Femi… i’m not that strong… i listen to my mom WAY to much! :frowning: i’ll get there.
thanks everybody!!
Brenda~ where did you go? i’ve found some LYSs but there are so far from me i only want to go if i have a reason to be in that area. i’ve been to the House on Dunn but they are kind of pricey and the old lady looks nervous when i show up with the kids :rollseyes:

anybody know how i would connect some small i-cords if i were to make some to close the sweater?

well you could either stitch them on or pick up some stitches and then maybe do a three needle bind off after you make the cord as long as you want. that one also screams for cute ribbon ties too…either option would be adorable.

i was a nanny in Wentzville for Frank Bommarito’s ex-g/f (the stories i could tell about that man! :shock: ) and lived there for about a year. loved it and thought i would move back after i left there but then i went to CT and fell in love all over again…lol

and i have been several other places since then too…rarely let toooo much grass grow under my feet it seems! :slight_smile:

That sweater is beautimus, Carmell!! And that Noro, gasp, it’s so delish!

I :inlove: the color of that noro, and the sweater is just too cute!