I got my row on, turning around is the big question

okay heres the deal: im lost.
i just casted on my row, knitted a row, and 2 kinitting books i have say that once ive worked all my stitches off on to my right needle, to turn my work around so that my left hand is holding the work and my right needle is empty. that part i understand.
but i turned my work around, and so when i knit, it comes out purled on both sides because i turned my work around and im working on the back side. how in the world is that supposed to work?? am i making it too hard??? how can one side be knitted and the other purled if i have to turn my work around??? that makes it all look purled!
AAARRRGGHHH im so frustrated. im a pretty intelligent gal, but his has me beat. i would appreciate any help. thankyou much.


The first thing you have to realize is that when you knit a stitch on the front, you’re also creating a purl on the back. There is really only on stitch in knitting–it just depends on what side of it you’re doing, if that makes sense.

If you knit every row, you’re creating garter stitch, where you end up with alternate knit/purl rows showing on both sides. This will also happen if you purl every row.

In order to get stockinette stitch–where all the knit stitches are on one side and all the purl stitches are on the other side, you need to knit one row and purl one row.