I got crazy with my Lucy Bag

I kind of created this as I went along, with leftover Cascade 220. Hope you like it!

Before felting:

I love it! It looks great! :yay:

Fabulous, very unique. :thumbsup:


Turned out great . !! One of a kind :slight_smile:

:happydance: Great job!

that’s really great!

Very nice. I like the colors.

Very pretty!

Wow! It’s awesome!

Very cool…I like it! :yay:

I DO like it! Your kitten is beautiful, also.

Thanks, everybody!
And Debkcs, my Jazzy Cat appreciates the compliment.
This is my new all-time favorite bag. the Lucy Bag (http://twooldbagspatterns.com/) is easy to add extra flair to. The handle design is ingenious.


Crazy? That is gorgeous!! I love your designs they remind me of a series of picket fences. Really nice.