I got a knit picks catalog... I think I'm in love

I just got a knit picks catalog in the mail… And I’d known about knitpicks, but I never took the time to look because I figured all online sources are expensive and thought that I shouldn’t waste time looking. I looked today in the catalog and I just about fainted! :shock: the yarn is sooo beautiful and I found that I really like the WOTA. I’m just wondering the gauge of all of the yarn and about how much you can knit with each skein or hank. The prices seem reasonable, but then I dont think I’ve ever bought just a 50 gram skein or ball before. This sounds like hardly anything.

Opinions? What have you knit with Knitpicks? What gauge is the hank/skeins you bought? Suggestions?

I’ve knit with WOTA, Merino Style, Andean Silk, Andean Treasure, Suri Dream, Decadence, Shine and Twirl. The only one I wasn’t :inlove: about was Twirl…just not as soft as I had hoped. But I bought it to knit little lambs, so no biggie. :smiley: My favorite was Decadence…I :heart: alpaca!

To get an idea of the gauge/how much yarn is required, look at the projects on their web site that are matched up with the yarns…also the newest catalog has a little chart by each pattern that hells you how many balls for what project…very handy. In general I’ve found their gauge/needle estimates pretty accurate, though th elast batch of Merino Style I got, there were some skeins that were much closer to worsted weight than DK, it seemed. :??

The color cards are great too…I have a KP gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m definitely gonna pick up some more of those. Great for matching colors.

(And when you order, don’t forget to go through a link here at KH, to help support the site! :smiley: )

KnitPicks is the greatest thing since knitting!! I have huge plastic boxes of yarn under my bed full of almost exclusively KP yarns (1 just for sock yarn!)!! I have loved everything that I have used!! I’m almost an exclusive KP knitter…my ‘treats’ are SWTC’s Karaoke & Phoenix yarns :wink:
I’ve seriously never found anything wrong with knitpicks from service (GREAT) to products (WONDERFUL)!! Of course, I have been called the leader of the fan club :smiley:

I LOVE the WOTA, in fact, I’m placing another order today. I am selling felted bags and am using ONLY WOTA colors.

I requested a catalog too, mostly because I love getting mail! Hahaha. Now I’m really excited to get it!

where? :slight_smile:

I’m actually thinking of going the cheaper route now and trying kool aid dying - a technique that I am not familiar with. But one of these days when I do have more money, I will try out Knit Picks. I’m just pretty excited now that I actually remembered I have a knitting friend who knows more than I do! :slight_smile:

Ya know when I’m really low on knitting funds, I go to my local Goodwill and get a $3 sweater and then pull it out, wash the yarn and volia, SEX. I have used Kool aid on recycled wool and its really fun. I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:

trouble is, I live in South Texas, and I don’t see a lot of sweaters at stores like that :frowning: I may have to try looking harder this winter tho…

You know, KnitPicks also has dye-your-own yarns in large quantities much cheaper than their already colored ones! :wink:

Yea, I saw that. I’ll have to check and compare the stuff I can get in town and the stuff from Knit Picks :slight_smile:

I just got my first ever knit picks catalog today. A week or so ago I got a TON of WOTA for felted hats … and I was SO disappointed that there was not a catalog in the box! IT IS SOOOOO Cool!

Rebecca … the FIRST thing I looked for was …ta da … your SOX! There they were … you know … I KNOW the designer of these sox… um, exclusively designed for knit picks by rebecca… you know… I DO “hear from her” , the designer … published on internet and in catalog… almost every day !!!

Rebecca! You have your own name-dropper! :smiley:

:blush: Thanks :smiley: It is rather exciting :blush: And extremely surreal! I am very, very blessed to have had such an opportunity :smiley:
Each and every one of YOU designs something every time you knit :wink:
Ya’ll are so sweet :smiley:

I just got my first order from Knit Picks too, and while I love what I got, I was also disappointed that there was no catalog inside. I ordered a Knit Picks catalog three weeks ago, and figured since I was ordering I’d get one in the box at least. Does anyone know if they only ship their catalogs periodically? Or do you have to spend a certain amount? I ordered enought to get the free shipping.

nah i have never gotten a catalog in my orders. they do take a while to come out unfortunately.

Well if KnitPicks is reading - we’d love to get a copy of your catalog in our orders!

i got my first order from them yesterday (30 skeins of WOTA - god help me) and was shocked that there was no catalog in the box - i worked in the mail order industry for 9 years and that is one of the ground rules - always put a catalog or sale flyer in the package - a customer is SO MUCH more likely to place a 2nd order within a week of the first one if the catalog is right there (also, it is shocking how many people throw away catalogs before they get their first order, so that 2nd catalog might be the only one they have)

sorry for the ramble, but it just really surprised me

i bought about 4 different shades of the purple and pink colors and am going to make a Booga style Bag - i am going to double it, though, so it will be more like a tote size

I requested a catalog a few weeks ago and it hasn’t gotten here yet.

I made myself promise not to order anything until I saw the catalog (and not just my color-unbalanced monitor), but I want new yarn NOW! thows temper tantrum

if you are worried about color, getting the color cards would be a good idea!