I give up on the socks!

I’m getting nothing but frustrated!!! Grrr!!! I think I’ve frogged the work at least half a dozen times, changed needle size, yarn type, pattern – you name it. I give up. I HATE DPN’s!!!

Ok, I’m done venting. I think rather than learn to hate it, I will just put it away for now. I’ll do a hat on circulars instead and come back to the socks later…

don’t get frustrated…I did when I started socks and had to put them away. I have a friend who just did her very first pair on two circs and loved it–have you thought of trying them that way? I personally have never tried but lots of people think it’s easy…hang in there…

Yup, go for 2 circs…soooooooooo easy!

I haven’t tried them on the circs, so I can’t comment directly on that, but I have also heard lots of positive on them. I use dpns, and enjoy it once the first few rounds are done. The very beginning is the toughest. OH - have you tried toe up patterns? That might be another possibility to get you going.
But mostly I think you’re right to put them aside temporarily until they call out to you that they are ready to cooperate and “Please come knit us, Heather!”

Aw Heather! Hugs to you!! :heart:

Don’t give up, though! DPNs aren’t so bad, though wrangling them at the beginning of sockmaking is frustrating. I must be a masochist because I actually love working with dpns. :blush:

I’ve never tried socks on two circs, but a lot of folks love it!

I understand your frustration. I’ve tried socks twice now and had to frog both times. I’m ok with the DPNs. The first time I tried them, one needle fell out, and I’m not good at getting ribbing back on the needles. The last time (just a couple days ago) I made a mistake somewhere and ended up dropping a stitch or something. I tried and tried to correct it but couldn’t. I’m not giving up though! I’m pushing onward! :lol: I’ve printed out Silver’s tutorial, and I’m going to try it again. You know what they say about the third time…

Come sit by me. I’m trying my darnedest to knit a pair of children’s footies form the July issue of Creative Knitting and I’m reading to set fire to the magazine, the yarn and the needles.

I think that part of your difficulty may be that it’s hard to work with large sized dpns (correct me if I’m wrong, you were the one using size 10’s, right?), at least for me it is. Don’t get me wrong, getting used to dpns is hard in itself, you just might have better luck with a medium size needle (like a 6 or 8 or something like that) and worsted yarn. At least for learning.

Oh no… I took the advice and switched to smaller sized needles and regular sock yarn. :slight_smile: I did happen to look online today for some tutorials on how to do socks on circulars, so when I no longer feel like Nikki (ie burning the needles, the book, AND the yarn) :roflhard: then I think I may give that a try. :slight_smile:

I have been in your shoes Heather. It took me at least 3 months to finish my first pair. I finished one sock with no problem. The second one was a completely different story. I must have frogged it 10 times!! I was ready to scream. My friend/instructor was very patient with me. After the last frogging, I put the sock away and decided I wasn’t going to work on it until I could just sit down and focus. It worked. Just take a couple of deep breaths and just relax. :thumbsup:

I’ve done socks on DPNs and 2 at a time on 2 circs. I absolutely recommend the circ method, though not for someone doing socks for the first time. Maybe 1 sock on 2 circs would be OK for a first-timer, but 2 at once is a bit hairy in the beginning and if I had never made a sock before I probably would have had a much harder time of it.

Hang in there! You’ll get it!!

I[color=indigo] used the book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi and love it love it love it!

Previous to purcahsing this book, I tried the 'Two at Once Toe Up socks" or whatever they’re called [/color] [color=olive]http://www.knitpicks.com/projects/Projects_Display_Yarn.aspx?itemid=50417220[/color][color=indigo] provided free from Knit Picks and was completely exasperated! Had I not purcahsed the Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles I would have never made a pair of socks again… I never really finished the Knit Picks pattern socks, so this is my first ‘real’ pair of socks, and after making the first sock and building confidence… the second sock I finished most of in 1 day of moderate knitting. :cheering: I think that’s a pretty good pace. One sock a day if I really tried!
[color=indigo]Don’t give up on socks… just find a new way to get the job done. Using circulars instead of dpn’s can be a bit frustrating because it’s a new way… but if you just try it for one day…even for 1 hour, you’ll love it!


I’m working on my first pair of socks, and just from my experience with dpn’s in the past, I went straight for the 2 circs. I also tried the Knit Picks pattern to begin with and after throwing my knitting, screaming, and everything else imaginable, I found a new pattern, with the Turkish Cast On, I might add (thanks KH ladies :thumbsup: ) and I’m loving my sock now!! I only went with one at a time on the circs, since it is my first sock.

I definitely feel your pain Heather! As I’m sure a lot of knitters here do!! I think you have a good game plan…get back at it when you’re ready!!

I agree that you should put it aside for now instead of continue to build up frustration; after all, knitting is supposed to be fun. :wink: Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, whether on DPNs or circulars. Hang in there.

I love 2 on 2. I no longer have SSS. :smiley: Once you get passed the first inch it is smooth sailing. I have a friend who sets up two magic loops to to stop SSS.

I’ve done socks all ways…I don’t really have a favorite, but if you are struggling with the DPN’s, I would definitely recommend circs. Of the two I like the “magic loop” better. Less needles dangling…

Also on the DPN’s, I really like the shorter length much better. I can’t imagine doing socks with longer ones…I use the 5"