I found out what I'm having

I went to the doctor today and had an ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I was so nervous I didnt know what to do with myself this morning. I got to the doctor’s office an hour early.:teehee:

Long story short. Before they tell you what you are having, they ask if you have an idea,then they reveal by turning the monitor screen blue for boy or pink for girl. I said a boy and my husband wants a boy but had a feeling it was a girl.

Suddenly, the entire screen turned blue. I just lost it and I started to cry. It was the most amazing feeling in the whole world.

Just wanted to share with everyone. Thanks for listening!!! :muah:

Congratulations !! Is this your first child?

Congratulations! Boys are fun. :hug:

Yes! This is our first!


Boys truly are sweet! I have one of each, and the boy is the most tender-hearted out of the two.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I love new babies.


[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Boys are wonderful!
True, you can have a lot of fun buying pretty things for little girls… but boys… always into mischief… not a day of boredom… LOL!

HOW WONDERFUL! I know you’re just elated with the news~!

I only had girls, but all babies are lovely. :hug: I’m glad you’re happy! Congrats!

:hug: Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:

Ooh I love the idea of turning the monitor blue or pink! They don’t do it like that here. They wouldn’t even commit 100% for my bump!

Congrats :hug:

Wouldn’t either gender be a wonderful thing? We had a “surprise” baby 9 years after our second daughter…certain it would be a boy THIS TIME… but glad we found out. We were disappointed for ONE DAY! She’s 3 now and I’m SO HAPPY to have 3 girls. I’ll bet my first grandchild will be a boy.

Every mom should have at least one boy :inlove: , I have two. They are so much fun. :wink: :cool:

Congratulations! Stay healthy! :yay:

Congrats, I just had a baby boy myself, boys are amazing, my son is just the coolest person ever in my humble opinion lol, my husband thinks so too lol but I think everyone loves their children best lol

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Awww that is lovely . Congratulations on your happy news:)

:muah: Our guy just turned 19 yesterday. You will NOT be sorry! We wish he hadn’t been an only because he was a lot of fun when he was little–but he’s such a neat guy now, too.

Congratulations! That’s wonderful!