I found it... knitting dog fibers

check it out!!!

There’s also this one!


My Akita sheds like you wouldn’t believe, but only 3 times a year. Believe it or not, I started collecting it this past shedding period. Maybe someone will spin it for me. :wink:

Something about it weirds me out. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time to get rid of her darn hair!

That is amazing! I think my Mom would like something like that from her “boys” :XX:

Maybe after I learn to spin this darn angora! It’s sooooo slippery! :wall:

thats the same one! :wink:

Has anyone seen the latest episode of Knitty Gritty on DIY? It was about spinning, and the woman that was on (sorry can’t remember her name) had made a purse out of her friend’s dog’s fur… I was so excited, because my mother used to act like my sister and I were crazy when we would take the BAGS AND BAGS of hair we brushed off our husky/shepard mix, Ralph, and pretend to make yarn with it… now I wish i had known how to do it for real, I’d have something wonderful to remember the best dog in the world with…

i don’t ever catch that show!! i’ll have to see when it comes on here.

I don’t get DIY :wall:

I did see on Rippleys Believe it or Not a woman had an entire suit she knitted from her own hair.

thats gross

I would be afraid that knitted dog fur would smell like… wet dog, I guess… if it ever got wet :shock:

Id like to see someone try to spin Howie’s fur into yarn. His fur is about 1/2" long. :roflhard:

From what I saw on that website (but I just skimmed) I think they can add the short hairs to a longer fiber and spin it that way… I did see someone in the photogallery who had something made from their Chocolate Lab’s fur - and that is some short hair!

I felt so vindicated, I knew that there had to be some use for it :happydance: It always seemed like such a waste just to throw it away.

When I first mentioned saving Jadie’s fur, my dh thought it was a gross idea. I have a bag of the stuff saved so far, and there’s no smell to it at all. I’m hoping it’s the same when it get’s wet.

Here’s a pic of the girl, Jade. We got her from a rescue, I had to drive from ATL to South Carolina to get her. Well worth it, I think. She’s a beauty, if I do say so myself.

She’s a VERY pretty girl, Dani! :heart:

And, PHM…I doubt her Lab’s fur is shorter than Howie’s…he’s a chihuahua! :roflhard:

Jade is a beauty, indeed! :smiley:

Our Chow. Yogi, would definitely offer possibilities. We pay about a hundred bucks a couple of times a year to get him shaved. We live in a hot climate, and he’d be utterly miserable, otherwise. As much as he loves being outside, he demands :shock: to be let inside each afternoon as the sun beats overhead.

I have the same concern as Hildie, that the yarn from his fur would stink if it got wet. :rollseyes: My dh keeps Yogi bathed regularly, but even when clean, he smells PEE-UUUU, when he’s wet!. :help:

you shave your Chow? i heard that wasn’t good for them because they could over heat. i did the lion cut on my chow in the middle of the spring. but i didn’t shave him. so how did you shave him, like how close? hes grown back now. and in need of a cut… maybe i’ll shave him this time… :thinking:

We’d heard the same thing, so the first few years we had him, we didn’t shave him, but our Texas summers were making him miserable, so we decided to do it, anyway. We’ve been having him shaved for the past several years now, usually in April and September. After that, we let him grow out for the winter. He has suffered no ill effects at all.

We do let him inside the house during the day. When it starts heating up outside, he begins barking until I let him in. So, he is an air-conditioned spoiled dog. :wink: We were also letting him in during the heat of the day before we began getting him shaved, but he’d pant for about 30 minutes, even after coming inside, and seemed utterly miserable. :help:

We take him to the groomers and they shave him pretty close. I couldn’t really say exactly how close; I mean, he doesn’t look skinned or anything. If I can EVER figure out how to post pictures on here, I’ll see if I can find one of him right after being shaved. In fact, I could probably more easily e-mail you one (I DO know how to do THAT! :thumbsup: ), if I can find one.

The only thing they leave on him (per our instructions) is the hair on his face. They told us they’d have to put him under to shave his face, since they keep a muzzle on him while shaving him. I’m sure they’re afraid he’d bite them, and though he’s not an overly aggressive dog, I guess it is a possilibity.

I’m sure this must be some kind of joke. Isn’t it? Please?

No, it’s not. If you look in the back of some knitting magazines, there are ads for people who will card and spin your dog hair. I think Kelly mentioned this, but all I can think of is wet dog smell on every rainy day.

There is a woman at work who is saving up dog hair. She has three pounds already. If she does in fact have it done, I’ll let everyone know what it looks and feels like. Oh–did I mention that this woman is sane?