I forgot whether I was knitting or stitching a row next..?

Yes, I’m a dork! I keep losing my place when I finish a row and can’t recall whether I’m suposed to knit or purl the next row!?! My friend told me I should be able to tell just by looking at what the stitches look like, but I can’t tell?! Help!

If the stitches facing you form rows of V’s and the work is nice and flat, you will knit.

If the stitches facing you look like rows of little loops and the work is kind of bumpy, you will purl.

Hiya Jannie!

With your knitting facing you, your needle should be pointing right, and your working yarn is at the end of the needle, next to the tip of the needle.

The KNIT stitches look like V’s. The PURL stitches look like BUMPS. If you see V’s, knit those b*tches. If you see BUMPS, purl em to the last stitch.

Some pics to help you remember:

In my knitting class, teacher said the yarn hanging from the needle always goes in the right hand and that tells you what your on. If the yarn is dangling from front your on a purl, if it dangles from behind your on knit.

That’s a good trick for an English knitter, but if you’re a beginning continental knitter, it’s very hard to tell where the yarn is coming from!

Thank you all so much!! All your suggestions truly helped me…especially the pics :lol: This is truly an AWESOME website and am so thankful to have discovered it!

I tied a piece of string to my knit needle. This way, I know that if that needle is in my left hand with the project on it when I start a row, I need to knit that row. It’s helpful since I’m working with a black, chenille yarn that really has very little visibility of the pattern right now. :XX: