I fixed a dropped stitch but i still have a hole??


Hey all!!

Im currently knitting a blanket and i came across an unusual stitch. I wasnt sure what happened but worked out that (i think) it was a dropped stitch. I fixed that but now I seem to have a hole in my knitting? Can anyone help to tell me what to do please?? I still have the right amount of stitches at the moment if that helps?

FYI i am following a pattern but this row and the row before it were both knit rows.


Welcome to KH!
There’s not at dropped stitch at the red arrow. You can see that the 2 sts with blue dots on them should be next to each other. You may have picked up a strand between sts and worked it one or two rows back.
On the next row, drop the stitch at the arrow and let it go. There will be a bit of extra yarn there but it will be taken up by the adjacent sts or you can work it into the adjacent sts.