I finally took the plunge. I felted!

A few months back, thanks to this board, I ordered some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I wanted to make something that would felt, and I decided on a couple of simple items: an eyeglass case and a cell phone tote. The colors I used are Maple Syrup and Snickerdoodle (yes, I do have a sweet tooth;) ).

They both turned out so much nicer than I expected. (Actually, I was expecting a disaster!) You can see my before and after photos if you click on the blinkie. Thanks for looking!


GREAT job! ESPECIALLY on that D!!!

[color=olive]those look really good! i hope my baby tote turns out that good! :thumbsup: [/color]

Great job! I love the colors!

NICE!!! :thumbsup:


I have my first welting project knitted but I haven’t had the opportunity to felt it yet…but I am excited about the process.

You did a great job…

Isn’t felting the best?! Love how you got the “D” in there. I

Those look great! I like the colors, too. :thumbsup:

Looks great!! I did my 1st felting project with knitpicks’ wool of the andes, too!! I do love, love, love knitpicks yarn!! I’m thankful to have found them bc now I can afford to buy nice, wool yarn!! :wink:

Great job. My first felting project will be with the Andes yarn. It’s gorgeous.


I can hardly find wool anywhere. It’s such a bummer. I really love your work though! It was cool to see and now I have two more patterns on my list :wink:

All the wool I can find is 9 bucks a pop and it’s lion brand in a big skein. I’d have to die it myself and I’m so scared! lol.

You should check this out http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/yarn_display.aspx?itemid=5420101 Only 2.99 for 100 gram hank. I got some and its really great. The only problem is its so soft I really hate to use it for felting! I have had some success on ebay finding wool for a good price if you are willing to buy a pound or more. I got 8 pounds of red for about $20 form an ebay seller

I, too, get my yarn from knitpicks.com and I have great success with it, both in regular knitting and felting :x: