I finally made socks!

Seeing all the great socks on here inspired me to finally give them a try. It only took me 20+ years of knitting to get around to it.

Can’t help feeling like I cheated or something though, since I still haven’t ‘turned a heel’ or ‘worked a gusset’. Maybe another time. I’ll definitely use this pattern again since it was so easy!
http://www.knitpicks.com/Two+At+Once+Toe-Up+Sock+Pattern_PD50417220.html from Knitpicks (two at once, toe-up,with an afterthought heel). Made with Bernat Sox yarn & 3.75mm needles. Not so thrilled with the way the colour blotched in areas, but they’re really comfy anyways.

:cheering::cheering::cheering: Do you know what this means?
You are on your way to being a sock addict!
[B]Welcome to the club[/B].:slight_smile:

Welcome to the dark side :slight_smile: They look great.

They look great - thanks for posting the link! I SWEAR I will try socks soon!!

That looks great. Now that you are over the basic fear of socks you will find that turning a heel and working a gusset are very easy. It is simply a new technique and like all new techniques take it a little slow and don’t be afraid to frog and do those stitches over again.

Suggestion is to put in a life line just before you start the heel. That way there is no problem restarting the heel.

What do you plan for your next pair?

I definitely see why socks are addictive!
Not yet sure what the next pair will look like exactly, but there will be another pair after I get some baby gift items made.

Congratulations! They look great. I haven’t tried two-at-once yet, so thanks for posting the link.

You’re welcome for the pattern Slim.
I was worried I might not want to make the 2nd since this was my initial attempt, that’s why I went with 2-at-once. Thought toe-up would be an interesting way of making them too.

Great socks! I actually like color blotching like that. It makes the socks not identical but still look like they belong together. That’s just me. :wink:

WOW they look so great!!

They do look great, and don’t worry about the color blotching, we call it ‘personalization’, remember? :slight_smile:

dispite all the things i have made, i have never made socks (i have used a sock pattern to make the feet of stuffed animals… but never made socks)

i think i should… perhaps with this pattern

:happydance: Great job!

congrats!!! I think they turned out great! Thanks for the link to the pattern too - I’ve saved it. I WILL do socks eventually!

Super job!

Well, thanks! :thumbsup:

Your socks look great, and I downloaded the FREE PATTERN from KnitPicks, too!

You are ahead of me! I haven’t’ taken the sock plunge yet! I’m still on the outside with my nose pressed against the glass, watching the sock party goin’ on inside! I need to come in outa the cold!

I assume you made two socks at the same time!

Great job! And thanks again for the link!


They look great! Good job!

:clink: They look awesome… I too have gone to the dark side and in the process of socks (well I only frogged 5 times and lots of bad words)!!! yes, at the heel, shaping and gusset part…but I’m gonna keep on trying:hug:

Great socks!