I finally dids it!(finished update on page 2)

Ive been battling socks for awhile now, especially the heal, its where I always mess up…But I finally dids it!!! The pattern is Monkey from Knitty in KP’s Memories colorway Yukon. I’ll post more pictures when Im done, Im just sooooo excited:cheering:

Great job!!

I have yet to try my hand at socks… It seems so scary =(

Yippee!!! Good for you! Can’t wait to see the rest of the socks. Monkey is such a nice pattern.

Yeah! One huge hurdle out of the way! Way to stick with it!

Congratulations, it only gets easier from here :woot:

It looks terrific!

It looks great! Beautiful pattern & yarn. You’re doing great – can’t wait to see the finished pair of socks!

Great job! It looks like the work of a pro!

Oh my gosh you guys, thank you:oops: I finished it this morning.

Looks great

those really are amazing. i liked that color before just looking at the website, but now i absolutely love it. too bad it’s not available anymore. sigh i’ve learned my lesson. next time they have amazing yarn like that, get enough for (at least) one pair of socks in every colorway! :slight_smile:

Great looking Monkey sock!!! I love that pattern!

Well done you the heel is the hardest part to do its all plain sailing now x

Way to go! I Luuuuuuuv the colors!!!:yay:

Must get sock yarn and try making socks…

Finally finished them!!! Thank you for all your wonderfull comments guys, what a sock ego boost:teehee:

laikabear, you must try socks. I was soooo afriad of them, but like pauline maddocks said, once you get the heal (which is [I]way [/I]easier then said or looks) its smooth sailing and you make make them all day long.

They look great