I Don't Want To Knit Socks

I have a sock on a pair of circs – using Silver’s tutorial – and I have no desire to go back and finish it. It was the last thing I was working on when I quit knitting over the summer and I even think it was part of the reason I haven’t knitted a thing for the last several months. :pout:

A couple of days ago, I decided to knit a baby afghan and I’m happily knitting again. :knitting: However, I have no desire to go back to those socks and I think I’m going to just frog it and use the yarn for something else.

Is is just me? Should I try again (which would become try #3) or should I see if my LYS has a sock class? Am I better off giving up while I know I’m beaten? :shifty:

I feel like I should turn in my needles for not enjoying socks! :roflhard:

there ares some beautiful baby’s hats knit with fine (ie sock weight) yarns.-there are many examples on Ravelry…

if you like baby afghans, think about a hat!

and if you don’t like to knit socks–then don’t!

REAL knitters are the ones who only knit hats and scarves and mittens–As well as the ones who knits Poems in yarn, or lace shawls, or fair isle masterpeices.

Knit what you like… (and if you change, and want to knit something else… Go right ahead!)

Not wanting to knit socks doesn’t make you a bad knitter!!!:happydance: Knitting should be fun and you should knit what you want and what makes you happy. I say frog it and put it away. Maybe you’ll want to do it at a later time.

just knit what you like. I always feel a bit better frogging a project that has hurt my feelings, vengeance will be mine says the little knitter! Take that and that! You silly hat this is what you get for not behaving! Then I feel much better :slight_smile:
I am afraid of socks…what does turning the heal mean?

You are not alone. I just can’t get into making socks either.

I’ve tried to love knitting socks. Really.

I’ve made socks on dpns, with magic loop and with 2 circs.

Just doesn’t do it for me.

I like my hats, scarves, purses and sweaters just fine.

But socks are not my thing.

Oh well!

You haven’t been beaten, some people aren’t sock knitters. Knitting socks does not make you a knitter, knitting what you like and want to makes you a knitter. If you really can’t stand the sock that is on your needle scrap it and find something you would rather knit with the yarn.

You don’t have to knit socks, I’ve been knitting for the better part of 40 years and don’t. I may make some slipper socks someday, but I don’t like using tiny needles, makes my hands hurt anyway. I use sock weight type yarns to make shawls on larger needles, so there’s a use for that type of yarn besides socks.

You may get into it later…
My first socks were argyle (yes, overachiever)–I only managed to finish one in time for my uncle for Christmas that year (1986). The following year he got the second. …and in 1995 when he died and my brother and I were settling his estate–I FOUND THEM! Is that sweet or what?!

re: I am afraid of socks…what does turning the heal mean?

a sock is a closed ended tube…
if you’ve ever knit a hat in the round, you are half way there to making a sock–a hat is closed ended tube too.

what make a sock different is it has a bend (well shaped socks have a bend–there such things a tube socks… with no bend)

and the bend is the turn.

You start knitting DOWN, and then bend and knit down–only it is bend sideways.

HOW? well lots of ways to bend knitting… (and lots of ways to shape socks!)

1–the classic
it has a flap (a square of flat knitting,with a chain stitch selvage)
and a turn (a series of short rows that curve the flap

and a gusset --a place where stitches are picked up (along the edge of the flap.
the result? the top of sock (instep) is straight

the bottom(heel/sole) is bent–the flap is knit //// (down)
stitches are picked up allong the side (1 stitch in each 'selvage chain" and then the direction of the knitting changes.
(flat–0 are chain stitches, V’s are knits(and purls)

at the end of knitting the flap you pick up stitches (one per chain)
(a refined “text” drawing shows the short rows (the turning!)

This image doesn’t really work–(its hard to graph short rows with text art!) but its really not hard to turn a heel!

Maybe we should start “Sock Haters Anon”. I don’t want to knit sock either!!!

But I feel a great deal of guilt over it, after all… to be an accom;lished knitter you SHOULD knit socks, right???

Over a year ago I carefully printed Silver’s ENTIRE tutorial, placed each page in a plastic sleeve and put the whole thing in a binder and made a fancy cover sheet.

There it sits, on my book case, wagging it’s plastic sheathed finger at me every time I pass by. But knitting socks holds no appeal, they are time consuming and complicated and when you finish one you have to start another and do it all over again. THEN to make matters worse, once you have spent all that valuable knitting time on them you stick them on your feet and into a pair of shoes. No one looks and admires and says OOOOH did you make that!!!

So I say FROG THOSE SOCKS. Use the yarn for a hat or baby sweater. Thank Silver for her wonderful tutorial (I even put a tip in her jar) and MOVE on to what you heart wants to knit!!!

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:

I do know that it is okay to not enjoy knitting socks but I was hoping to hear that I wasn’t the only one! :blush:

It is also nice to hear that not liking socks does not mean I have to resign myself to just flat things like blankets and sweaters – and also that it is okay to not be skilled in knitting everything from yarn. :wink:

Thanks for the hat suggestion! :thumbsup: I forgot that hats were one reason I started knitting in the first place – my church donates hats to the local hospital for newborns and chemo patients. (And probably anybody else that wants one. :))

I’ll have to check Ravelry and see if they have any good beginner patterns. Thanks again for all the encouragement! :inlove:

to be an accom;lished knitter you SHOULD knit socks, right???

No. There really are no `shoulds’ in knitting. There’s shoulda, coulda, woulda, but that’s a whole 'nother thing…

I think you should never be allowed to knit again… how can you not like socks… ok so if you were here I wouldn’t have been able to say that with a straight face… everyone else is right, knit what you like, no better yet knit what you love…

and frog away… frogging those socks may feel good, liberating… there are lots of things you could knit using that yarn…

Glad you’ve started again, welcome back!

I’ve never had any desire to knit socks! Why? Because then I’d have to buy shoes that showed them off! I’m short so most of my pants cover up my whole foot, so I’d have to get my pants hemmed too. And, what if I like it? Then I’m buying MORE yarn and MORE needles. I’m afraid my life will be consumed by a new obsession!

Micheals did a HORRIBLE thing to me though. They got this really awesome looking sock yarn! And it’s fairly cheap too. I’m seriously debating buying some. I have so many darn coupons this week. I have a sweater that would match one of the colorways. (I’m smitten by self-striping/self-patterning yarn!) So, yeah, I may be taken in by a sock-monster soon…


This is what happened to me. I took a beginner sock class two years ago, and thought it was just not for me. However, last year I developed a burning desire to knit Christmas stockings and tried it again. I don’t know what happened but something ‘clicked’ and I’ve been knitting socks ever since.

I enjoy knitting the different parts of the sock and there are so many different techniques you can use. Before you can get bored knitting one part of the sock it is time to move on to another part of the sock. So, I find that the fun for me is the process of knitting the sock.

Do you think it could be that you just aren’t enjoying the 2 circ method? Perhaps you would enjoy one of the other methods better. I tried magic loop and didn’t care for it at all, so I’m still using dpns.

If you think you might want to give it another try, I’d suggest knitting a baby sock which is much smaller and quicker, but it still has the same sock anatomy as an adult sock.

However, if you decide you don’t like knitting socks then it is no big deal! Frog that sock and knit something you’ll enjoy.

I agree…Knit what you love.

I, however, could knit socks and only socks forever and be quite happy. In fact, that’s what I mostly knit. And everyone loves them too. I find turning a heel and doing the kitchener stitch for toe bind-off to be extremely gratifying and I feel super cool and smart for being able to do it. I’m currently on my fourth pair for Christmas presents (well, these are pedicure socks so no kitchener bind off, but that’s okay).

So, in conclusion, if you don’t want to knit socks…don’t. More sock yarn for me!!! :cheering:

What a fantastic idea!!! When beginning socks knit a Christmas stocking 'cause if ya don’t wanna - you don’t hafta build the second one! Love it!

Ha! That was what I thought too - knit one and you’re done. :thumbsup:

I have knit socks.

I do not like knitting socks.

I no longer knit socks.

Haven’t read all the replies, so this might be a repeat.

Here’s the deal. If you WANT to knit socks and are struggling with it…maybe taking a class would be the way to get you “over the hump” and feeling more comfortable with it.

However, if you don’t WANT to knit socks,then frog away, and move on to the things you DO like.

No sense knitting something you don’t enjoy. Everybody doesn’t have to knit everything. :slight_smile: