I don't understand these instructions

I’ve started knitting a baker boy style cap from a pattern in a magazine. It’s my first venture into cables. However I’m finding the instructions tricky to understand and wonder if someone might suggest what I should be doing.

The first 5 rows were knit rows and get you to a point where you have 72sts on the needle. It then says to continue in cable patt as foll:
1st row: (WS) K3, (p4, k5) 7 times, p4, k2
2nd row: P2, k4, (p2, inc in next st, p2, k4) 7 times, p2, inc in last st. 80sts.
3rd row: K4, (p4, k6) 7 times, p4, k2
4th row: P2, C4F, (p3, inc in next st, p2, C4F) 7 times, p3, inc in last st. 88sts.
5th row: K5, (p4, k7) 7 times, p4, k2
6th row: P2, k4 (p4, inc in next st, p2, k4) 7 times, p4, inc in last st. 96sts.
7th row: K6, (p4, k8) 7 times, p4, k2
8th row: P2, C4F, (p5, inc in next st, p2, C4F) 7 times, p5, inc in last st. 104sts.

So far so good. I followed that and it all seems ok. The instructions then say “Cont without further shaping in patt as set until work measures 14cm from beg, ending with a WS row.”

This is where I’m stuck - I don’t know what to do.

At first I thought I just had to go back to the beginning of the sequence, and just omit the increases, but how can I go back to what row 1 says, because that was for a row of 72 sts, not 104sts as I’ve ended up with?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I reckon it means knit the knits & purl the purls … cable where you need to (every 4th row …)

What pattern are you using? I’ve always wanted a baker boy cap :thumbsup:

On row 1 it doesn’t matter how many stitches there were the first time you did it, the key is here - " (p4, k5) 7 times" You repeat those stitches not just 7 times, but as many as it takes so you end up with a p4, k2 at the end. But yeah, what Amanda said, follow your knitting, not the pattern. The first time through established the pattern, just repeat it.



I think that you’re right. I decided it was more a sequence, than the exact pattern I need to repeat, so I did knit the knits and purl the purls, cabling on the 4th row. It seems to have come out correctly and I’ve reached the point where I now need to shape the crown.

The pattern was out of The Art of Knitting magazine which I’m getting from my newsagent every Thursday.

Suzeeq - “follow the knitting, not the pattern” - I will remember that wise advice!