I don't understand these directions...help!

Hello~ This is my first post here. I am hoping that someone here could help me with this. I am knitting a sweater with Homespun yarn from LionBrand, and using their pattern. I found it on their website. Anyways, I am stuck and confused with the hood part. When it says, “With RS facing pu and K 46 sts around neck starting at rs of neck” which RS is it? the RS from the front or the back? Also…what do they mean by “leaving center 14 free”? I’m confused because I don’t know if I should start at the seam where the front and back pieces meet and then start picking up? 46 stitches seams like a lot to go around. All I picture in my head is when I do that I would be creating this tube like a turtleneck. Thank you for any help on this. It’s the last thing I need to do before sewing the seams together and I’d like to have my daughter wear this before winter is over! ~Lisa

With RS facing and larger needles, pick up and k 32 (34, 38, 42);[color=red]46[/color] (50, 54, 58, 62, 66) sts around neck, starting at [color=red]right side of neck[/color] and [color=red]leaving center[/color] 6 (8, 10, 12); [color=red]14[/color] (16, 18, 20, 22, 24) sts free. Work in St st for 8½ (9, 9½, 10)"; 12 (12, 12, 13, 13, 14)", inc 10 (10, 8, 6); 6 (6, 6, 6, 6, 4) sts evenly spaced across first row – 42 (44, 46, 48 ); 52 (56, 60, 64, 68, 70) sts around neck. Placing half of Hood sts on second needle, work 3-needle bind off across Hood top seam.

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I’d like to take a stab at this, but could you post a link to the pattern first? It might help me visualize it. I looked at a couple of their hooded sweater patterns and it looks like the hoods start near the front of the sweater. So they do sort of start out tube-like.

Also, “RS” means the right side of your work (the outside of the sweater) vs. the inside or “WS”; “rs” in their pattern means the right hand side of the sweater vs. the left hand side.

Hope I can help.


Oh thank you!

Here’s the link. I hope I posted this right.


OK - It looks like when you first made the neck, there were 14 stitches along the bottom front of it (k 17, bind off 14, k 17 - where it says ‘shape neck’) These are the 14 st to be left free (I THINK!). So pick up stitches along the front right side (if wearing), starting with the first stitch of the right side of the neck, just above that first bound off edge of the neck. (Gah! So hard to write this out - why didn’t they have a better diagram!)

It looks like after you knit the hood, you pick up more sts to make a ribbed edge on it and then you attach this ribbing to those 14 center neck stitches.

Does this help at all? It may help to just try it and maybe it will fall into place?


Thank you SO much, Carol! You described something I think I might actually understand! :smiley: I will just try it and see what happens. I have put this off way too long. :? I’ll let you know how it turns out!