I don't think I'm that bright

That #@ Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick kas kicked my butt. Everyone says how easy it is but I didn’t seem to get it. I figured out the I- cord handle, but then doing the kitchener stitch made me want to rip my hair out.

My side unraveled for some reason, right where I joined the handle and purse together. Was I not supposed to have used the yarn from knitting to do the stitch? Then I couldn’t figure out how to do the closure. I had 13 stitches on a holder for the closure. how was I supposed to knit those? I’d already broken my yarn off from joining the handle to the purse!

I got mad and just used a piece of yarn to sew it up and felted it. I wanted it to be perfect but I don’t think I’m smart enough to do another one.


I’ve had the same experience on many projects but…if you really like the pattern think of this as a test run. Now that you know some of the issues, you can get any questions answered beforehand and then it’ll be perfect. Hopefully, you’ll like the way it felted.

You should have had 14 st in the middle of the purse still on a holder for your closure - you join a new piece of yarn to that and knit the rows for the flap.

How do I join yarn to it? and thank you, I was just so frustrated last night!

ya just start knitting with it- like joining a new ball of yarn to stitches on the needle. you place the 14 stitches from the holder on the needle, and hold the yarn in the appropriate hand, and start knitting! I leave 3-4 inches for weaving in.

when you did the kitchener stitch, did you weave the final end in carefully? it should not have unraveled. Amy’s video for the kitchener is really good.

I love this pattern and have made several so if you have more q’s post away…

Thank you so much Mary, I’ll do that!

I did felt this one and it looks pretty good. The felting covered up all the mistakes and I am going to sew a button on it to make a closure. I think it will be good but I’d still like to conquer that Sidekick!