I don't think I am Superstitious

I haven’t been looking to this number for a long time. I am more of a lurker. So I thought I would just write and get it over with.:ick: So now it is over and I can get on with my lurking, and if I can answer some questions I won’t feel so bad. So maybe I am a little superstitious. :teehee:

:lol: I have a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer and seeing that number is a little weird even though I’m not religious or particularly superstitious.

Yup same as you I hate to see that number. :teehee: Just glad it is over and done with.

Am I missing something? What are you talking about? What “number”? If it’s an “inside” thing you don’t have to tell me. I’m just curious.

It was the number of posts and it said 666, but now that’s she’s replied it’s changed. :wink:

Oh, duh! I was looking all over the posts for some info on the “number” and didn’t spot that! Thank you! I wonder what my number is, I’ve never even checked!

Gingerbread, do something to counteract your superstition - like, spill the salt and throw a pinch over your left shoulder. That oughta do it. :thumbsup:


That would be twice as bad, wouldn’t it? :oo:
(1,332 = 666 * 2)
(and 26,640 = 40 * 666 for Jan in CA)

And 666 it isn’t so much a superstition; the number was used as a symbol. Apocalyptic writing (such as half of the book of Daniel and all of the book of Revelation) consists of dreams or visions that contain symbolic images. Almost always these symbols and images are explained in the text after the vision.

Aside from that, I’ve also read that the number was most likely a mistranslation, since the original language of the text used letters to represent numbers.

So, without any other context, 666 is just the number that follows 665 and comes before the number 667 and has no more meaning than either of it’s neighbors. :thumbsup:

Well, it is the product of 2 * 3 * 111.
(:oops: oops 111 = 3 * 37 so 666 = 2 * 3 * 3 * 37 to break it down to all prime factors)
Now in bowling 111 is considered the s—[out]house score. A peaked roof is added and sometimes a crescent moon to mark the door. :wink: No such stigma is attached to a bowling score of 222 and a perfect game is 300. One could score a 666 in a three game series, but that would just be seen as a very good average for the bowler.

Did that help remove any of the stigma? :shrug:

:roflhard: Well all those numbers are great no more bad numbers now. Sorry Sunshine’s mom about not saying the 666 number. See now I am cured of it yay. :teehee::teehee:

Boy I’m glad someone asked. :teehee: Knew it wasn’t the 13th so I couldn’t figure it out either

Jack… :zombie: That does not compute.

He’s math geeking again… pay no attention to the man with the slide rule and calculator.

HA! :slight_smile:

The real number is 616 which you probably passed without incident.

Wouldn’t it be something if this was my 616th post?

Just what is it that doesn’t compute for you? I didn’t find any errors in my math.

:think: Unless it is about your numbers.
26,640 = 40 * 666 is the next multiple of 666 that is greater than your current post count. (~ 26,345) :cool:

And don’t listen to Suzeeq. :stuck_out_tongue: She has only posted 15,853 times. Obviously Jan knows more than Sue… :wink:
:roflhard: It’s uh… all that math. :zombie: