I don't like worsted weight yarns!

I am a beginner who has been knitting for 2 whole months. I have discoverd by trial and error that I PREFER chunky and superchunky yarns and needles. I bought some worsted weight yarns and size 8 circular needles over the weekend and tried them out. They are ok… but I prefer the big, easy, chunky yarns and big, easy, chunky needles. I know many projects are designed fo rthe worsted weight which is the average wt for a yarn and size 8 needles… but I don’t like them as welll.!!! I want my big fat, yarn!! :teehee: :eyebrow:

Hey, more power to you. I have a lot of chunky yarn, and I prefer that for some projects (I don’t really want to try to knit an adult afgan out of WW yarn)…but then I learned how to knit lace, and, well…we won’t talk about it. :oops: :teehee:

Well thats good you know what you like. :cheering: There are plenty of thick and chunky yarns out there. I too like to use some of them for certain things I’m knitting.

If you ever run out of ideas there are knitting books out there just for using chunky yarns. :happydance:

I don’t like using 8s either, but that’s never stopped me from using worsted weight. Try knitting worsted on size 10 or 10.5s. Sometimes 11s work too. My favorites are the metric sizes in between, the 7 and 7.5 mm. I even use them on yarn that’s suppose to be DK weight. The knit is looser, but I prefer that to a tighter knit anyway.


You can always double or triple up your strands of worsteds to make an approximate chunky-weight too! :thumbsup:

How do you do that? :pout:

Well, you know what you like, and you stick with it. Perfect.

just hold a couple of strands together when you are knitting. after a bit you forget…really. easily done…i think we all promise! :wink:

(yeah i like speaking for everybody! :rofl: )

I definitely agree with you about using the big needles. I love knitting on big needles because I love knitting blankets and they go SO much faster on larger needles! That’s great you know what you like already, because I’ve been knitting about 7 months and I think I just figured my big needle preference out about a month ago. :?? :rofl:

I do love worsted weight yarn though, because other than cotton, it seems to be about the only yarn I can find in huge, 1 pound balls, and I love huge balls of yarn, LOL. But since I love big needles too, I often use 2 strands of worsted together, usually on size 15 needles, and I love the way this turns out! Took me a little while to get the hang of it (I had to be really careful to make sure I knitted BOTH strands for each stitch!) but I’m glad I did, because now I have many uses for these thousands of types of worsted yarn that seem to be all over the place. :teehee:

I don’t mean to sound stupid… but when you say… knit two strands together does that mean you double up the one skein of yarn or do you use two skeins of yarn at once to double it’s weight… unforutunately, I am a little slow at times…

you knit holding two strands of yarn together, treating them as one.

Don’t feel bad. There is no such thing as a dumb question when you’re trying to learn something new. :smiley:

you can do it either way. people knit from the outside of the skein and the inside of the skein. i don’t really like doing that myself so i either divide the skein into two balls or i just use two to begin with.

i also wind two balls together…if i do more than two strands though i usually wind them into a regular ball instead of a center pull because i find they don’t pull evenly from the inside on a center pull if i use more than two strands.