I do not understand these measurement instructions...

Heya everyone!

My name is Nicky and I’m new here. I want to start my first fair isle knitting project: a jumper for my boyfriend. I found an awesome pattern in a book by Mati Ventrillon but I do not understand what is meant with the measurements given!
Can someone tell me what exactly I should measure and which measurement means what? Would mean a lot!! Thanks in advance :smiley: Here’s what they look like:
measurements fishermans jumper

Welcome to the forum!
I wish all patterns had schematics in addition to these tables of numbers.
The first chest size is the person’s chest measurement. The next, the Actual chest is the sweater measurement. The measurements that follow are all for the sweater itself.
Length to side shoulder is the measurement from bottom or cuff to the lower end of the shoulder slope (the end near the armhole)g;g.
Armhole depth is measurement from the bottom of the armhole (usually a bind off) to the beginning of the shoulder shaping.
Back neck width is the measurement across the back neck and front neck depth is the measurement from the neck bind off up to the shoulder at the neck edge.
Cuff circumference is the measurement of the sleeve at the wrist and top sleeve circumference the measurement around the upper sleeve.
It’s often helpful to measure a sweater that your boyfriend likes to get an idea of the correct fit and measurements. Lay it out flat to measure.
This link gives a nice schematic with a good explanation from Ysolda Teague:

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You could also measure the chest of a sweater that your boyfriend already owns and likes the fit of. Some people like a sweater to fit more snuggly and some prefer loose and you might choose smaller/larger than his chest measurement indicates.
Also I suggest you swatch for gauge fully as fairisle will be a different gauge to regular single colour stocking stitch and if you don’t get gauge you’ll need to change needle size to compensate otherwise the sweater may not turn out the size you plan for.

Enjoy your project.

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Yay thank you so much everyone !! :smiley: This should do the trick.

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