I didn't pull enough yarn to finish cast on

Help! I’m knitting a shawl and I was supposed to pull enough yarn so I could cast on 352 stitches. Well, I’m short about 12. Isn’t there a way to take yarn from the skein to add to the cast off? And what do you call this? Also, I’ve casted on 3 times (yeah, it’s getting old). I wrapped the yarn around the needle 352 times, like they say, to estimate what I need and I get 3 different lengths (all too long) left over at the end. This is supposed to be relaxing but so far… Ughhhh!!!:roflhard: :mrgreen:

Do a cable cast on for the rest of them. When you’ve knit a couple of rows it shouldn’t be noticeable. Or you can try a russian join to make the tail yarn longer.

Next time you have to CO so many sts, use the Cable CO, or take a 2nd end of yarn - either fron another skein, or the other end of this one - and use one for the tail yarn on the thumb and one for the finger yarn. Then cut the one that was your tail yarn. Wrapping around the needle for as many sts as you need doesn’t always work, as you found out. If I did that, I’d end up with way more yarn than I need.

I found myself four short and did a cable cast on a few days ago. It’s not the best, but it’s functional.

Been there, done that, etc., etc., and I find the method that Suzeeq recommends to be the very best - use two ends of yarn and do a long-tail cast on. What a time and life saver. :yay:

In late August/early September, I signed up for a class on the Churchmouse Linen Stitch Scarf. The homework was to cast on 450 stitches using Long-Tail Cast-On!

I calculated that I would need approx. 38 FEET of yarn for this cast-on, which I would be doing on BART. I decided that it didn’t make any sense 1) to try and keep 38 feet of yarn untangled and manageable on BART–very crowded public transit, or 2) cast on 450 sts using Long-Tail methods when I’m really not that fast with it.

I emailed the publishers and told them my situation. I asked what was special about LT Cast-On and whether a knitted-on CO would work.

Sure, I was told, go ahead and use the knitted-on cast-on. I did, and my homework was ready for the class. :slight_smile:

If you can, contact the designer/publisher and ask what the benefits of the Long-Tail Cast-On are and what other cast-ons will work. You may be pleasantly surprised, like I was!


Been there done that, till I found out how to eliminate having too much yarn at the end of cast on or in your case not enough tail. Hope this video helps you in the future.