I did much better this time

well, last night’s attempt at stitch markers not so great. I was using way too heavy of wire. Soooooo… I stopped at MIchael’s on the way home. got some great glass beads for $6 for a whole little bin of them. got a set of wire tools for $5 with the case and a spot for lots of beads. Bought some floral wire for $3 (like a million yards on the spool) and came home. Now I’m wondering if I can quit my job and just make stitch markers for how cheap they are to make???

The beads are a bit more pinkish than the photos.

Those are really pretty.

it was on the national news last night about a couple who started selling trading cards on E-bay at the beginning of the year. They are now averaging $20,000 a month in profit and both decided that was enough to quit their regular jobs.

I know the news twists things around a lot… but… It made me take a better glance around my house!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mulderknitter your beads are beautiful. :passedout:
They are going to look real purdy on your knitting. :flirt:

They look great! I have to go to Michaels today anyway. I think I might have to swing by the bead aisle now.

Those are lovely well done x

They look wonderful!!! You did a great job.:woohoo: