I did it..! *putting credit card in freezer now*

[color=blue][/color]I did it. :happydance: I had been working overtime to pay off bills… well… I did…pay off bills, but kept working the ot. Yesterday I was able to finally buy all the stuff … no wait… some of the stuff I’ve been drooling over… 4 different yarns, special notions, and a new yarn bag. I am soo bad. I haven’t spent this much on just yarn ever. Also my lys is having a moving sale… soooo not fair… but picked up some beautiful yarn at 40% off… So I had to buy it… right? :thinking: Please tell me I’m right…oh and picked up some new books… so… now I have all kinds of projects to do for Christmas. Great excuse… right? Please help my guilty feelings… I never splurge like this… but buying now for Christmas means no big bill at Christmas right? :x:

You’re absolutely, positively, definitely right! On all counts!

Putting my card in the freezer doesn’t work. I know the number by heart. :shifty:

hahahaha :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: thats hilarious Ingrid!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I agree you are sooo right…some people don’t understand it, but we do!! :smiley:
darn I was shopping today with mom and we went to this store where I knew there was going to be yarn and so off I went in search for the mercery aisle and found all these beautiful colors…so I grabbed a basket, naturally, and picked out a few skeins, and then went to meet up with mom at the cash register, she practically yelled…WHAt?? MORE YARN?! NO…PUT IT BACK!! LOL! so I ended up just buying 3 skeins I needed for one of the scarves i’m knitting…is there really such a thing as too much yarn?? :teehee: :??


don’t feel guilty!!! You did the right thing! It’s not like you are buying crack or something! Go for it, and a sale, well, that’s reason enough right there!

My goodness, I placed 5 different yarn orders in the past week and I’m on a yarn diet…LOL, you should see me when I’m not :wink:

:roflhard: Oh Ingrid, you made me truly LOL!

Snowbear-what good is all that OT if you can’t treat yourself? Good for you!

You worked hard, be good to yourself!

40% off yarn…:thud:

There’s no way you could’ve resisted that! Why would you even try!

Have fun with it! :muah:


hahaha thanks!!! good to know!! :rofl: :rofl:

:hug: :hug: To all of you… I’m not use to spulgering on myself…lol You have made me feel great!.. and since most of this will be used for Xmas gifts , it is easy to justify…

Thanks to all of you… I love this forum…


Well, It does give a great high though :happydance: I use to feel guilty about all the stash I have. I owe It to Ingrid, I have recovered from all my guilt feelings :happydance: She is not a enabler she is a, Yarn Shopping Counselor. :eyebrow: Have a great day and have fun with your new purchase.

MoOnangel you are definitely normal. As far as the folks here go!!! Your mom is totally wrong!!! Keep on knittin’ ! samm

I know my number by heart, too. Even the little numbers on the back. :oops:

Glad to know I’m not alone. :teehee:

I think you’ll get at least triple your return and enjoyment:

  1. The purchase itself and fondling said yarns.

  2. The process of knitting the projects.

  3. The giving of said knit projects!

Sounds like a great investment to me!

We’re worth it.