I did it! I finished my first project!

Nothing fancy, just a washcloth with some Red Heart yarn dyed four colors (teal, navy, burgundy and purple which OMG I just realized were the colors I used in my wedding!). At first it seemed SO slow, but by the last half it was getting pretty quick. There’s only a couple holes, and it’s a little bit wavy from increasing accidentally then having to decrease, but overall I think I did a pretty darned good job for my very first knitting project!!

Hmm it sure looks like pea green in the picture, but it really is a teal color!

WTG! :cheering:

It looks great!

Way to go!! :cheering:

Pretty colors too :slight_smile:

Great start!

Love the colors.

Mama Bear

YEAH!!! :cheering: :cheering:


AWESOME START!!! :cheering:

:cheering: Good job! I love the colors. Keep knitting! xxx

Sop 1 aka Susan

:cheering: :cheering: WTG, you should be proud of yourself!

Congrats! Great colors!

Awesome. I just started knitting a little over one year ago. When I finally (and I stress finally, because it was quite the daunting task) finished that @#$%^* baby scarf I was elated. My scarf also had edges where I had increased (accidentally), but I figure, “Hey! You want something perfect? Go to Wal Mart and get something made by a MACHINE.”

Mistakes? No, no. That’s character. Mistakes are a sign that something was made with love (because machines don’t make mistakes…or love…HA HA).

ROCK ON! Now keep learning and go knit some more! Big kisses. :muah:

Oh yeah. I was also going to say…now you know how to increase and decrease. So, mistakes are just ways to learn (ways you didn’t plan on). Probably for life in general and not just knitting.

I believe the word “mistake” has been reconfigured on this site to read “handmade design feature”

Well done!

I’ve yet to do my first washcloth.