I did a hat in Caron yarn made from recycled plastic bottles

It feels and knits EXACTLY like Caron Simply Soft.:woohoo:Here is a pic of a baby hat I just finished.It’s the blue hat.

Thank you for the link. :heart: It is what I have been wanting to find.:hug:
peace be with you,

Is this made from Caron Spa or whatever it’s called? I felt that at a craft store and IMO, it felt nothing like SS. It was less “acrylic-ey” and much softer.

No It’s called Caron Simply Soft Eco.

Good to know…I just bought some of that yarn to make a hat with. BTW, I’m from Minnesota too!

The new SS is called Eco, made from partially recycled plastics. The Caron Spa is an acrylic and Bamboo mix and thinner than the SS.

I used that yarn the other day. I needed a yarn in forest green and the one I ordered was not the right shade I was going for. So, when I was in WalMart, I went past their yarn supply and there was the perfect color.

How did you like it?

I really like it. It feels great and working with it was awesome. The girl I made the scarf for just love it. When I told her what the yarn was made from, she went nuts.

i’m gonna totally look into it, i really want to make some great eco friendly pieces for my sister(environmental science grad) but having hard time finding affordable yarn for her afghan. Gonna keep looking though, not gonna give up on this one lol

I found some last night at Walmart. Limited color choices, so I just bought one. I want to get more; I really like the idea of recycled plastic. It really does feel as soft as the regular Caron SS’s.

Nice job! I haven’t seen this yarn yet - will look for it. :slight_smile:

The hat looks great Julie . What a great idea. Especially for those who are allergic to other yarn:)