I couldn't resist

Well today I was out running errands and was near Michaels. I HAD to go in and look for DPNs. They didn’t have the sizes I was looking for (very discouraging). I began to browse the yarn and thought “no I have plenty”. I looked some more at cotton yarns and then left the area empty handed. “I did it…” I thought. Next stop the restroom. When I came out of the restroom, I didn’t head for the exit. NO!!! I went BACK to the yarn. And what do you think I did? You guessed it… I decided to knit a hat to match the scarf I ws wearing. While I was looking for the yarn, I found some other yarn I had been wanting and hadn’t seen in any stores yet. I decided to grab enough tho make my mom a comfort shawl for Christmas. And of course I picked up the yarn for the hat too.

I am so weak…I should’ve never entered the store. Oh well, I paid cash, so my DH won’t ask questions. BTW, he called just as I was stepping up to the cashier to check where I was and how much longer I thought I’d be gone. (I said I was heading to my last errand and then I’d be home.) SAFE, he’ll never know. :angelgrin: He has nver said I can’t buy anything, but I just worry that someday he will. Then what will I do. :shrug:

lol. you sound like me…I can never resist the yarn section, even if I’m just at wally world lol

Yep anytime we’re near a store that sells yarn , I can smell it and we have to go in. I think all my patience with my husbands hobby (hot roding) has paid off. When I say, “Honey can we stop at Joanns since we’re in the area?” He says, " How do I get there?" Then he goes in with me and wonders the store while I pa-ruse the yarn isle.

Hi! :waving:

Something I’ve always wondered - what good is temptation if you don’t give in to it? Seems like it would be a wasted emotion.

Of course, I’m talking about perfectly reasonable, harmless temptations like buying yarn (when what I have is taking over my house), knitting needles (of course I need multiples of the same ones), pattern books (knowledge is power) stitch counters (wouldn’t want to lose my place, so I really DO need one for every room!) and all the other little doo-dads that make knitting so EASY and so much FUN! (as well as making my knitting bag weigh more than my grandson!) :slight_smile:

So, go for it! Don’t let a temptation get away! :woot:

Happy knitting (and shopping!)

Ruthie :knitting:

Amen to that sister. Give in to it.

I’m thinking about doing that after work today – stopping at Michael’s to see if they have a pattern book I saw online earlier.

My DH always always always calls me when I’m in a store like that after work – usually while I’m at the cash register. He seems to have some kind of a sixth sense. :rofl: Not when I stop at Target or the grocery store or something, but only when I’m in some sort of craft store. :lol:

I’m just as bad, I know I have enough yarn but when I go down the aisle it’s like ‘ooh it’s pretty’. The problem I have is when I buy it I don’t have enough room in my basket to put it in and then I have to go down the basket aisle. I have my kid to help me control my basket and yarn obession ‘No mom you don’t need anymore’

Can you please explain to me what “enough yarn” means? I keep buying and buying the stuff and haven’t gotten to “enough” yet.


No such thing as “enough yarn”

I was running errands this afternoon and decided to make an extra trip to the book store. Now I don’t need another book or magazine, but what the heck, doesn’t hurt to look. My youngest (4 yr old) got me out of the store - he was impatient and it was getting late. Next time, I’m going alone… (the plus to this is that there is a Michael’s next to the bookstore, and ACMoore down the street and two LYS’s on the way home - next time, I’m definetly going alone.

BTW - there is never enough yarn, books, or magazines!!!