I like to make a bracelet by knitting an i-cord but I have no idea how to close up the loop of the i-cord without it looking messy.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi, I saw this question unanswered last night and gave it some thought and tried doing an i-cord begun with a crocheted cast on, that I then undid and tried using a kitchener stitch to join the two ends. I didn’t have good luck though. It may be possible to use a provisional cast on of some kind and join the ends nicely, but I didn’t get it right on my first try and that is for sure. :slight_smile: You could experiment further with that idea.

Another idea that I haven’t tied it to bind off and then butt the two ends together and try doing a duplicate stitch over the join area. I don’t know if that would work but might.

Another idea I had is not to try to make the join invisible. My husband who knows a lot about knots and dealing with ropes and nautical things does some nice looking joins where he wraps, in this case the yarn, around the join tightly. Maybe I can find out what he calls that sort of thing. You could butt the ends together and sew them as neatly as possible and then do one of these wrapping things to cover the join smoothly in self or contrasting yarn. If you are interested in this idea I’ll try to see if I can find somewhere that explains how to do it.

or maybe sew a fancy button, bead, or charm on top of the join.