I’m trying to learn I-cord to make a handle for a bag. The video looks simple enough. However, it keeps looking like a ladder on one side where I bring the working yarn back to the other side to start the knit stitches again. I am using dpns. Is this the way it’s supposed to look or am I doing something wrong?

It sounds like you aren’t pulling the stitches tight enough. I-cord is basically a small tube, but if it’s too loose, you’ll end up with flat fabric with the yarn going across it on every row. When you’ve finished a row and are going back to the first stitch, make sure it’s pulled tight enough that the sides of the knitting join to make a cord; it’ll be awkward but managable.

You may not be doing anything wrong. It kind of does that at first. I discovered if you work it a ways and then get a hold of each end of the cord and pull your hands apart so that you stretch the cord it does a lot to “heal” it. Keep stretching as you go if needed.