I-Cord Vs

ok, I’m working on a felted bag and the pattern (I know, trust the pattern) cals for a strap that it made of 5 stitches Stockinette. It also has a draw string that it apparently just a row cast-on and then immediately cast-off. So, I am wondering why this approach instead of I-cord. Which would YOU do: stick with the pattern as written or change to i-cord? and why??

I suppose it would depend for me. I like I-cords cause they’re strong

HOWEVER! in years past when I didn’t know wth an i-cord was and how to make it I braided three strings together and I know that it works REALLY well because I made an idiot cord for my kid and other kids that way with mittens and it worked fantastically.

I say…be creative or you can stick with the pattern. Do whichever suits you :smiley:

From your description the strap sounds like it is flat and I would most likely knit it flat. The drawstring - knit it as an I cord and see how it looks. You can always do something different if you don’t like the look of the I cord.

U can also knit a figure 8 I chord
CO 9
K5 bring yarn forward and slip remaining 4 stitches as if to purl
[B]turn[/B] and repeat (Yes for this i-chord u do turn)

this makes a flat but very strong strap

I vote for something stronger then casat on 5 and knit for x rows. I-cord, or that figure 8 i-cord. Or maybe 3 i-cords braided.

For the drawstring - maybe a 3 stitch i-cord, or maybe a crocheted chain.

I rarely end up making a pattern exactly as written, and I’ve made several felted bags that used I-cord for both the drawstring that doubles as a strap, so I would make the I-cord strap. Mine were 5 and 8 stitch I-cord and they are very strong (and thick). I’m doing the felted French Market Bag right now and plan on following the knitted strap as written, although I’m changing a few other aspects.

How long is the strap? Doesn’t i-cord stretch?

I-cord isn’t going to stretch nearly as much as 5-6 stitch wide knit for xx inches will. I guess either one, once felted, isn’t going to stretch anyway.

My I-cord for the felted bags was also felted, so, no, it doesn’t stretch. I wouldn’t use unfelted I-cord for a handle.

I think I’d probably stay with a flat strap, but I would actually either double knit it (so it is two layers) or make a 10 stitch tube, flattened.

I have to plug a twisted cord. Easy, strong, looks nice, doesn’t stretch after felting.

Yahoo! Great ideas … thanks all. Now I just have to figure out which one of them to try. I sorta like the figure 8 i-chord (but you turn it?) and the double-knit strap. I have plenty of yarn … whichever, it will be an adventure. oh, to answer Gamerchik’s question, the strap is 60 inches. I’m thinking I-chord for the drawstring for sure because casting on 94 stitches and binding off just sounds too boring, but I realized that length versus width felts at different rates, so maybe I’m not up for THAT part of the adventure.

Again, thanks for the input.


This is the link to my blog, where I’ve described several purse or computer bag straps I’ve made this year,


I even crocheted 3 single crochet strands and macrame’ them into one cord, I believe it is the first strap on the left in the picture.

I have several items that have i-cords, and if you really stretch them while wet when you felt them, they become very strong and don’t tend to stretch.

They talk about straps here: http://knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86698&highlight=straps&page=2