I-Cord Finishing on a hat

I have to do an I-Cord finishing around the hat I have knitted and an not sure how do do this . i am very new at knitting, so the simplest way would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you, and awaiting your replies.


Amy’s video of that is on THIS page, about 3/4 of the way down.

It’s SO &easy…and, I-cord knits so quickly, you get instant gratification!

Thank you for your response Kelly K.

I did see that topic last night, however, I was having a problem with it for some reason.

I guess I’ll have to wait for the video to come out, or go to my local knitting store and get them to show me how to do this.

I can make an I-cord for the ties but not an I-cord finish around the brim of the hat.

Thanks you anyhow for the info.


Look in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Knitters Almanac” if you can get easy access to it perhaps. Didn’t she “unvent” the i-cord?

i am horrible at explaining things, but here’s a go:

i am assuming you have already knit a portion of the i-cord as a tie of some sort and are ready to attach it to part of a hat… so you knit two stitches, just as you were and then slip the third stitch on to the needles (don’t knit it. just slip it over like you were going to purl it by putting hte needle into the front and sliding it onto your needle). then, and i don’t think it terrifically matters, but probably with the right side edge of your hat facing you you will want to pick up a loop from where you had cast off onto your right needled and then knit it onto your left needle. then slip the stitch you slipped before over the top of your new stitch leaving 3 sts on your needle. slide the work to the end of the dpns and repeat.

look for amy’s video about how to pick up stitches --that is the one i think will help you most. goodluck!

Thank you for your reply, however, I’m still confused.

Here are the instructions I have for I-CORD FINISHING":
With double pointed needle , cast on 3 sts. Slide sts to oppostie end of needle, *K2, Sl 1. At the CB of lower edge of the hat pick up 1 stitch, knit it and pass the slipped stitch over and drop it off the needle. Slide the sts to the opposite end of the needle, draw the yarn across the back of the knitting and repeat from *picking up every stitch around the edge.

I know how to knit the ties for the ear flap, but not the i-cord finsihing for the brim of the hat.

I know it sounds stupid, however, I’m at a blank for the finishing, I find it easier if there is a video, however, I haven’t found one yet.

Im so sorry…I misunderstood your question!

No problem Kelly and thanks again for your replies.

I’m sure I’ll be in touch again with other problems as I am new at this.

Have a wonderful day :lol: :thumbsup: