I-cord cast on and double pointed needles

Hi everyone! Ok. So I am trying to start knitting a sleeve in the round and I’ve had to rip it out 4 times. The pattern says “with dpns, CO 48 sts using i-cord cast on, join to work in the round.” I know how to do an i-cord cast on,but the last stitch ends up on the left needle and joining in the round just isn’t working. Please help ASAP! I hope it’s something simple? Thanks.

Someone help me please! I can’t find videos on what to do next and can’t go any further with my project.:slight_smile:

You’ll have to give it some time for answers. People may be busy tonight.

If it’s just one stitch you can probably just move it to another needle and knit it, but I can’t quite picture what the problem is. :think: Can you post a picture of what it looks like?There’s a link in my signature to info about posting photos and appropriate sizes.

When you do I-cord cast on, you either have the I-cord sts (maybe 2-4sts depending on the size of the I-cord) on the left needle or all the sts are on the right needle. To join in the round, work across 47sts up to the I-cord and cast on the 48th st. Leave the I-cord sts on the left needle. Put them on a piece of scrap yarn to seam later to the beginning of the I-cord. Join the working yarn to the first cast on st which joins the sleeve in the round and continue working in the round.

Thanks for responding and sorry for the desperation! I’ll try again and then maybe post pictures.