I-cord Bind off

[color=indigo] I am knitting a wine cozy from a Plymouth pattern that calls for an I-cord bind off. I can’t find good instructions anywhere and I’m really confused. Any suggestions?

Three st I-cord bind off: cast on 3 stitches to end of left-hand needle. *Next row: k2, k2tog, return 3 sts from right-hand needle to left-hand needle. Rep from * until all the sts are bound off. Cut yarn and thread on tapestry needle, pull end of yarn through remaining 3 sts and fasten off.

thanks so much! i’m going to give it a try after my homework!! : )

Oops! I forgot to mention that I’m supposed to do a 5 st I-cord bind off. How should I change what you gave me above??

K4, Sl 1 knitways, K1 (from picked up sts on edge of work), PSSO. Repeat until you have finished all the sts you picked up around your work.

I found this, but I think you can work it with the k2tog, too.

I’ve only done it with three stitches, myself.