I can't remember where I saw

Some time in the last few days I read a post by one of you talented knitters that included some pictures of finished projects. Included in the pictures is one a felted tote done with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. It was a striped bag using Snickerdoodle and other great colors.
Help-----where is that picture!!

Maybe it was in this post … :?? There are 35 pages to this post, so you might want to start at the end and read backward if it was posted recently. Good Luck!

Was that my felted bag maybe?

Here’s my knitting gallery.

Silver… :heart: :heart: that tote!! which one is it? I mean what pattern. I’ve got the wool of the andes to do booga, french market bag & sophie…I felted the one that’s in the original SnB…marsupial tote, or something, but i think i let it agitate too long & the vertical ‘stripes’ from the twists r crooked & for the life of me i couldn’t straighten them out when I blocked…and it’s smalled than the one in SnB…i used a size too small on needles :doh: …I realized that…when…when?..when i was done, of course…lol…but it still got me hooked on felting…there is the coolest pattern, but i don’t know the name of it…i’m gonna look for it & if I find it, I’ll post it
http://www.knitkit.com/OregonTotes.htm this is not the exact post I was looking for … I was looking for a very distinctive felted lucy bag, but was not able to find the one i was looking for…altho, there r many lucy bags out there…all very cool
should i run across the lucy bag i will post it for u & copy it…which i thought i had done… :doh: …guess not!!
have a great week

Yes, Silver, that was the bag I was looking for. I really liked your color selections and wanted to order them for my bag.

:heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! Can’t believe I missed that one until now.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: This is Maggie’s Felt Tote from Fiber Trends. It’s the smaller size knit in worsted weight. :slight_smile: