I can't remember the pattern for this headband!

I made several headbands a few weeks ago all using the same pattern. I can’t remember if it was something I modified off a lace pattern or if it is something I thought I made up (I do this often). Anyways, I’m driving myself mad trying to remember it! I know I cast on four stitches, and it involved knitting the first and last of each row. As for the middle stitches, I think it is some combination of a slip, yarn over, and dropping a stitch. Please help fellow knitters! I’m embarrassed to say I am stumped. Also, this is my first post in this community, so hello everyone!

Welcome to the forum!
It looks like a combination of yo and k2tog on one row, knit across row 2, k2tog, yo on row 3 and knit across row 4. Try working the pattern on a test band and see if that comes close.