I can't READ!

For the sake of me, I cannot read this pattern I am trying as my first crochet pattern.

For example, the first row says:

Ch203, dc in 4th ch from hook, *ch1, sk1, dc in next st, ch1, sk1, 3dc in next st, ch1, sk1, dc in next st, ch1, sk1, dc3tog over next 3 sts, rep from * 18 more times, ch1, sk1, dc in next st, ch1, sk1, 3dc in next st, ch1, sk1, dc in next st, ch1, sk1, dc2tog over next 2 sts, turn.

So, do I chain one from the dc that I made? Or in the next stitch? And when it says “3dc in next st”, does that really mean to make three of them out of the one stitch?

Once I finished this row, I realized I was midway through the pattern, then went back and found I had something like 22 repeats instead of the 19 I should have had. :confused:

Ch 1 is just making a chain st after the dc, then you skip 1 chain/st on the foundation and make another dc in the next foundation chain. Then ch 1/sk 1 again and yes, 3dc all in one st.

That’s pretty ambitious for a first crochet pattern! Very pretty though.

To answer your question about the chain 1, a chain stitch is never done INTO another stitch. It’s just a stitch by itself, usually used to span a space between other stitches, or used as the foundation row.

“3dc in next st” means that you work three full double crochet stitches into the next stitch.

HERE is a video showing a pattern similar to what you are doing, but not exactly the same. It will show you how to work 3 double crochets in the same stitch, and also how to do the “dc3tog over next 3 sts” part of the pattern.

If you still have trouble after that and would like a video demonstration of the exact pattern you are doing, just let me know and I would be happy to do it for you and post it on my website.

Have fun and keep trying. You’ll get it soon enough!


This was ambitious? ^^; I figured it wouldn’t be TOO HARD because I know how to single and double crochet, so learning the other stitches shouldn’t be THAT hard. It was figuring out how to read this pattern that got me all confused.

I think that my single crocheting off the end of the doubles must’ve been what got me confused. Because I looked at your video and I am doing the decrease correctly and I’m also doing the 3dc into one stitch correctly then.

I guess I’ll give it another try and then if I got it wrong, I’ll come back to ask for more help! =D

Thank you.

Well, I didn’t think it was ambitious when I made the scarf, [B][U]Here[/U][/B]. :wink: The thread includes a picture of the finished scarf and if you click on it you can zoom in for a closer look. If that might help.

I don’t think I could explain any better than Sue and MGM. I’d only add that the chain is like a bridge from the top of your newly completed DC to the top of the next DC you make. That lets the DC sts stand tall with one stitch in between their bottoms and one chain in between their tops.

The pattern is easy once you get a row done, but the length of the starting chain can be a frustration! :oo: I can’t tell you how many times I lost count on my starting chain. :doh:

I counted again using stitch markers after every ten stitches, then changed marker color for the “Fifty stitch” marker. I then moved the first 4 markers to mark every tenth sts after the “Fifty stitch” maker. After four of the “Fifty stitch” makers you have 200 stitches. Chain three more, turn and then DC into the stitch beyond the first “Fifty stitch” marker (it will be the fourth chain from your hook). The “Ten stitch” makers then show where the ripples will “peaks!”

These are not “Extended” DC stitches and only [U]extended stitches[/U] begin with a chain in the loop you pull up in the next stitch. Sometimes I find symbol crochet to be easier to understand for patterns like the ripple scarf.[/COLOR]