I cant knit

I don’t understand how to knit. I have tried videos and everyting and I dont get it.

Hi Romania,

Did the videos seem to end for you before they were done explaining? I’ve just fixed this quirk, which was cutting them off when viewed in Media Player. You might try watching them again.

If you’re still having trouble, try asking for help at your LYS! Folks at small yarn stores are usually very helpful and willing to teach. Hopefully you’ll get someone patient, who can help you figure out where you’re stuck…

Good luck!

You can’t knit! Yes, you can. Go to a yarn store and get some personal help. Watch Amy’s videos over and over. It’s SIMPLE.
(Well, sometimes). Start on big needles or say size 10 so it’s easier on your fingertips. Relax. You CAN DO IT.

Nice picture.

Give yourself a break to refresh your mind. Have a bubble bath in candle light. Here’s something that’s kind of silly, but often works. When I have trouble trying to figure something out, I try to explain it to hubby. Even if he doesn’t care :smiley: The point of it being that when talking it out, you usually stumble into the solution.

I thought the same thing when i first started to knit. I was so confused to many times and wanted to give up.

Still get confused however i am not giving up… KEEP TRYING AND DONT GIVE UP!!!

One thing i have found out about LYS’S. Some of them will ONLY help you IF you purchased the yarn at their store.

I know of only one LYS that will help regardless of where you bought the yarn.

If you want to bad enough you’ll do it…

Myself and my scarf are proof of that.

I tried… and tried… and tried… :?

I practiced for a couple hours a night for about 3 wks.

I did a row and ripped it out…

then got to 10 rows and ripped those out bcuz I messed up somewhere…

and so I did this countless times over and over and over and over. I

finally finished my scarf last night but it isn’t gonna win any beauty

pageants thats for sure.
But this next scarf i’ve started might 8) (don’t believe it…)

The difference between the 2 are very encouraging though and i’m

completely hooked.

So go ahead and get discouraged it’s allowed. but don’t give up unless

you really find out it’s not for you.

I wish you a little luck and alot of patience and persistance… You’ll get it :slight_smile:

Let us know how you do.


i do the same thing. mr. rabita is much more “invested” in figuring stuff out than i am and even though he can’t knit, he can be very helpful. one time, when resizing a pattern, he did all the math for me, using quadratic equations and the whole 9 yards!

so i second this advice, both talking throught he part that you are stuck with AND talking it out with someone who is solutions oriented.

(by the way, i’m not putting myself down. i can be quite good at solving problems too, but mr rabita actually owns a solutions company. that is his whole deal.-hehe.)