I can't get an even cast on row

[color=green]I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I can never get my cast on row to look even. It always turns out bumpy, and some of the stitches turn out loose. How do you make your cast on row look nice?[/color]

What kind of cast-on are you using?

Practice, practice, practice. Go slow and do it over and over again, especially if you have some scrap yarn to work with.


[color=green]I am using the single cast on method. Is there a better method to use that is easier to get an even edge from?[/color]

Long-tail cast on gives me much more even results which is why it is the only cast on I use, unless a pattern calls for something specific.

i second knitqueen.

Long tail is a bit hard to learn, but its a great cast on.
(i know lots of cast ons, and i still use long tail about 50%of the time.

and long tail has lots of variations… once you know long tail, you are half way to knowing some great cast ons that are just long tail varitions, like:
norwegian (aka twisted german)
latvian braided,
long tail in ribbing