I CAN'T FIND ONE! re:hat pattern

I’m wanting to knit dh a hat with bulky yarn,I WANT to knit it flat.He wants it to be where he can fold it up at the brim if he wants,AND he has like a 24 inch head…I’ve looked at about a MILLION patterns…HELP:gah: :hair:

Did you try Lion Brand

Any hat knit in the round you can knit in flat as well. This is just a very simply hat and you definitely don’t have to add the pom pom. Just remember that when you knit stockinette in the round you just knit rather than knitting the RS and purling the WS - Sooooo when knitting flat you simply cast on the number of stitches needed (or called for) and then work in stockinette as you would normally on straight needles for the number of inches stated. The end of a round will be the end of a row for you. Don’t forget when the decrease rows start that when they say “round 2: knit” you really want to purl. Do you get what I mean.

If you choose this hat you would probably want to knit about 7 inches before decreasing if he wants to fold it up. You also want to play with the gauge to fit his head. Here’s a formula for that:


So I just linked to one particular easy pattern in bulky - but you can use that formula and use any pattern you would like - or just wing it :wink:

Good luck!

ETA: I should probably say most hats knit in the round can be knit in flat. I have a bad habit of using words that imply absolutes when I should really be using words that imply a general standard! Sorry! :^)

You already asked this question about hats.

Have you decided now that you want it in bulky? The problem is there are less patterns in bulky yarn. There aren’t that many two needle hats anyway and to find one in bulky adds to the issue.
I did find one.

You really need to learn to knit in the round so you’ll have a lot more choices. :thumbsup:

I 2nd Jan! BTW - I was absolutely petrified of knitting in the round - That admonition in every pattern to “be sure not to twist stitches!”, while important also served as a deterrent in my case. I figured if it was that easy to mess up that they had to warn me all the time about it I would definitely screw it up beyond help however, I finally tried to do it and found that it was remarkably as easy NOT to twist the stitches as it is TO twist the stitches. I will never ever make another hat flat again! I’m an awful seamstress :roflhard:

I thought I already asked it,but I’m at my wits end.LOL
I have no problem with learning to knit in the round,I just only have one size of circular needles right now,13s

The length is very important for hats as well especially if you only have one. It should be 16 inches from tip to tip UNLESS you are going to do magic loop in which case it needs to be 32 or larger. Some people do fiddle with a 24, but really, it’s easier on the longer ones. I use two circs most of the time when I don’t have a 16 I need. So there are several methods for knitting in the round; magic loop, two circs, DPNs, and the 16 in. If you do 16 inch you will also need DPNS for the top of the hat.

That’s so funny because that is what kept me from trying it as well. I have recently cast on a pair of socks on dpn’s and had no trouble at all. Amazing what will hold us back!