I Can't Even Tell!

My truck is broke down in Columbus, Oh and in the shop. I checked into a nearby motel to await the repair.

Last night I accidentally walked into the little bistro next door and figured that since I was there anyway I may as well have a couple of beers and some dinner.

Naturally I took out my knitting and worked on it while sitting at the bar and watching a football game. One of the servers came over to ask what I was making. I held it up so she could see it and told her it was going to be a sweater.

She asked if I had made the blue sweater I was wearing and I confirmed that indeed I had. She look closer at it and said “Wow, I can’t even tell it’s home made!”

Huh? I wasn’t too sure how to take that. On the one hand I’m sure it was a compliment as I heard her later telling some of the others “He MADE the sweater he’s wearing”, but on the other hand I had to wonder just what she thought a hand made sweater would look like. Or did she expect it should look crappy because a guy made it?

I just accepted it as the compliment I was sure it was intended to be and let it go despite the underlying implications.

Several of the other patrons asked about and/or commented on the sweater I am currently knitting, and a couple of them also asked about the one I was wearing. I got several very nice compliments on both, which I appreciated.

I even had a couple of people buy me a beer as a way of expressing how cool they thought it was that a burly bearded guy would sit at a bar and knit (one used those actual words :rofl:).

It was a nice evening, but I left very early to get some rest on the slim chance that my truck would be ready to go this morning. No such luck and I am still waiting.

Mason we can all remember the knitted sweater from Dear Aunt (fill in name here) who gave you the sweater for birthday/holiday etc. It was knit form the latest magazine based on one size fits all 8 year olds and add to that her failing eye sight. To most this is a hand knit sweater.

An example of a quality article, like your sweater take people by surprise. It was a compliment and accept it.

Good luck with a fast repair and enjoy your time knitting.

It’s a compliment.

When I make things I strive to get them as good as CNC (perfection) but better than mass production (missed mistakes).

If you’re knitting to machine standards your sizes and shapes are on, and since it’s hand made you have less missed wrong stitches than they’re used to seeing.

Besides the failing eyesight, that sounds like my only finished sweater for myself.
I haven’t finished a shaped shoulder one for anyone yet but I kind of like the casual dumpy look of my sweater.

I think people picture worse than that sweater from Auntie. They picture one arm being short sleeve and the other arm being cuffed to the elbow.

It’s a compiment to your consistency and uniformity, lack of errors, appropriate choice of yarn gauge, etc. If you can knit well enough to not look homemade, you are an expert to most people’s eye.

Yamaha r5

When I first started knitting and crocheting I think most people were using acrylic yarn from Woolworths and other 5 and dimes. Even in the early 80’s decent yarn cost as much as it does now. I still have yarn from the 80’s with the price tags still on them and I wouldn’t have to spend any more than those prices to buy comparable or better yarn today.
Imagine your sweater made with that vintage acrylic with the colors available then. It was for sure a compliment. I don’t think many of us would even consider knitting with the old acrylics today.

This has nothing to do with your sweater, which I’m sure is awesome, but I lived in Columbus for 5 years and miss it so much! Where are you stuck? What bistro did you wander into? Just curious,…

I hope your truck gets fixed quickly and gets you back on the road!!

I am actually in the Hilliard area. I wandered into Salvi’s Bistro which is right next door to the motel.

I spent all day today hanging around the shop waiting for my truck and am now back in the motel as it’s not yet repaired. :tap:

Guess I’ll accidentally wander back over to the bistro.

Ooooh, Hilliard isn’t the most fun area but if you really want a GREAT dinner, get a ride over to the Starliner Diner, it’s in Hilliard. It’s the most amazing food I have ever had, it’s cuban-based food. You’ll love it! There are some good yarn stores there too, I wish I was still there, I’d take you to dinner and then out shopping!!

Good luck, I hope it’s a quick stay!!!

Hope you’re on the road soon.

I have a hand made sweater from when i wsa a kid and boy can you tell it’s hand-made! it has all the clasic/mythical boo-boos of tiny sleaves and a huuuge body (i was 5 and the body was big enough for my brother who was 12 at the time) plus the seemingly random colour choices and corney picture (i know some people like sweaters with 3 legged puppies wearing a bow, but still … even as a 5 year old not my stylr).
It was made with love and was snuggly and warm but was hideous none-the-less.

Before i learned to knit 2 years ago if somebody had said home-made sweater to me that is instantly what i would have thought of and cringed. Now i know what can be made and how ordinary people like you and me can produce some realy beautiful items my opinion of hand-made has changed a lot.

It is definately a compliment and i would take the free drinks as proof of that (woohoo! i should start knitting in bars more often!)

Hope your truck is fixed soon and you can be on your way again. stay safe and warm

THIS is what people think of when they think homemade sweater. :wink:


Those are hysterical! Thanks for sharing!:roflhard:


@ Mason: Sounds like your a pro knitter know. Way to go! I hope your truck will be repaired soon.

Thanks. Far from it, I just do what I can. Truck is fixed and am back on the road again.

Hope U have a nice Thanksgiving
somewhere cool
with cold beer, and good food, and hopefully loving company
say hi to ur mom from me and my family